The Off-Topic Thread


while we’re on the subject of coffee, I learned a valuable lesson this morning

don’t drink two cups of coffee and eat taco bell at 9AM


No, no, I didn’t get a Keurig, it’s just a standard drip coffee brewer. Keurigs don’t use pots lol. I’m not about that crap. Too much waste for a cup of coffee.


curry + liquor + coffee


We should get married I’m pretty sure


im too much of a han solo quite literally, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


So, Max/MSP was crashing on my computer, would immediately crash once you dragged the mouse over one of the UI bars. I found out it was crashing ONLY on my profile. Giving in admin privileges, deleting it’s AppData folder, did nothing. Ran it with Process Monitor, but couldn’t find anything of note. Error was fairly non-exclusive to any program (a thread from Max/MSP was trying to write to a virtual memory location it wasn’t allowed, yet admin privileges didn’t correct it, which should for any permissions related issue). Was looking online, found some people with similar issues but no real solid fix.

Essentially I isolated it to my own user account, so I went ahead and wiped out my profile, and NOW IT’S WORKING AGAIN!!!

Just wanted to share this update. Now I have just have to set up all my task bar shortcuts and environment variables. I was worried, I was thinking I was gonna have to do a “refresh Windows”, which wipes out not just your profile but all your apps and everything, and I definitely didn’t want to reinstall every application I had. ::victorydance::


From the wife today :

“So what does IDMf stand for exactly”

“Intelligent Dance Music forums, yeah, a name from the past”

“I thought it meant I Dont Mind Fuckin’”



Not many do mind, but if anybody has trouble with the idea my bet is it’d be one of us…

“Not now honey I just got this snare tuned.”


huh, I always that it was Irate Douche Music Forums…


(Insert shitpost here) lol


Actually, I just remembered that someone at work offered to set me up last year and I told them music was my mistress. And she’s a cold bitch of a mistress, but she’s mine.

Point being I think mystery snare guy is me.


Now I just minimize it like I’m hiding something, it saves me an hour


Rule #34 is sometimes both a blessing and a curse.
Did you know there is a video of Velma and Daphne getting possesed and getting each other off with their feet?
to clarify, there is a cosplay/possession/foot fetish porn video.
it is weird how specific some people’s preferences can get.


@cyclops, dude wtf i don’t need to know this shit…lol

i need to look at some slim thick women and avoid this thread for the next few days so that i can forget about that post


the fact that you believe that you don’t need to know this just illustrates how far into denial you truly are.


Rule 34 is life yo’


game of thrones life lesson: everybody lives by and makes their own rules whats the point

also fuck being woke, its just a bullshit terminology to stroke ones ego and cock poster about being enlightened


sometimes things happen in mysterious ways

was cleaning my kitchen today, monday chore day and stuff… Just made a pot of coffee as well, which was near the edge of my counters. While cleaning off my countertops, I prepped to mop the floors, and set the mop bucket just outside the kitchen.

In a haste of cleaning, I go to move the coffee pot, not realizing it was still plugged in. It literally nearly rips out of my hands, turning sideways, opening the top and chucking out the coffee filter, coffee, AND pot… slinging four feet across in a chaotic flurry and nearly all of it landing in the mop bucket on my carpet.

Now my mop smells like coffee. It’s kind of cool.


This could be a decent grind core song. One of the ones that are only 20 seconds long


That’d be awesome. I’ve been meaning to do a comedy grindcore project forever… I have so much material ready. I was going to call the project “Cum Dumpster Weasels”.

Fuck, need to get that one off the ground.

it’ll certainly be better than my 2005 dinosaur grindcore project called “Primal Reign”. I should post those songs on here lololol