Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Holy shit, nose is Nostromer. I just put it together.

I wear my mask, I went to the bar two days ago, sat outside, and somehow never paid for anything. They are breaking the rules bigtime inside. Local guy I know knocked up a local crazy girl. Another one stuck in this town…

Fucked my wrist up last night on a farm. Gotta clean my damn house. Going to get a wrap for it with my mom in 30 min.

Talked to my friends in Japan this morning.

Heard back from my suicidal friend from rehab, he’s still kickin’. Have NOT heard back from dear sweet EL, she has until Wed before I send a card to her parents. Last i heard she was in quarantine. I don’t think she got the collage I sent her…


EL is alive. I’m so happy. :blush:



hides from google searches


I had my final karaoke party for a while… 6 - 2 in the morning. A new group for the most part, but my ol’ partner in crime came with her dad who was in town. It was fucking awesome, as they always are.

Getting tested for Covid next Sunday to appease my parents. Sounds pretty freaky! I’m looking forward to it.

Returned the omnichord to its rightful owner. Had that thing for over a year.

There’s this one guy who’s been passing through town (he leaves Tuesday), and we became instant friends. He was at my little gathering, and sent me this drunk message out of the blue:


I called lockdown for my family a few days before the Governor shut down the state. We’ve been a very tight, very disciplined bubble.

On the Fourth of July my wife and I took a masked :mask: walk into the National Park that adjoins our neighbor hood… never got closer than 20 feet to another human. That afternoon I get hit hard by something that grabs me by the throat and makes my neck and chest hurt… and I feel weak, disoriented, and it hurts to breath! :scream:

By the next morning after a combination of no sleep, hallucinations, and Google searches I decide it’s Dehydration… but with some weird symptoms that don’t fit.

Over the next few days I get a little better. On Wednesday night I relapse… hard. :hot_face:Thursday I go to the Doctor’s office (riskiest thing ive done since lockdown) the doctor says I have an ear infection, (but ears don’t hurt :thinking:) and by the way, while you are here, let’s do the COVD test.

I get the results next week… still feel like crap… WTF! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hope it will be negative but in any case, get well soon!


Thanks… It will be really weird if it’s positive, because I won’t know how it happened.


Wow, I really hope things turn out ok for you


Sending all the best vibes to you man, definitely hoping for that negative!! Hope you start feeling better, damn, what a bad time to get ill with anything (just due to the stigma)


You,ll be okay! I know three people who tested positive and are totally fine now. Don’t get too paranoid. News media makes money off of bad news.

I got a friend who got tested because of a fever, and I was like “It’s okay, people get fevers!” But good to be on the safe side.

And yeah, I do my part and wear my mask and all that good stuff. Everybody’s riled up over something right now.

Take care, dude!


Hope you feel better soon man.


Nothing to report here. I’m working 76 hour weeks. A new record!


I just got an hours bump too, from nearly full time to actually full time. So that’s nice. Actually, they gave it to me because they thought I had to be working more than 40 hours a week already looks at 7 hours of play time in fallout 3 this week. Yeah, working hard boss.


What the fuck are you actually doing??? :joy:

I haven’t made this much money since Japan, sure, all I do is work, but the money is pretty good. Half the staff at the factory job are paying child support or feeding their own kids. I got zero time for games (The Last of Us will have to wait). Wanted to watch a movie tonight but gotta go to bed instead.

The second phase of my plans begin on the first of August…


They throw all the big data sets at me that no one else has time to mess with and hope it gets done in a week. Then I throw on a nice youtube music playlist, get in the zone, and do it in half a day. They are most happy with this and don’t ask questions.

I’ve gotten really into animal crossing, sometimes I work on my tunes, I work out. If it’s a real light day, I take a walk and get some air. Played a lot of pokemon the last few weeks. I feel pretty good as long as I can keep an eye on my email and desk phone.

Congrats on phase 2. I’m entering phase 2 of my own plans regarding an unhealthy amount of videogames and a very large TV.


Ha, sounds like some top secret stuff. Yeah, bigass TV are awesome.


the big virus has made me come back here, bask in my presence


^I remember that name!

Moving day part one of two begins now…right after this fuckng Covid test…


My sister just sent me this. I had a hand in the musical production department over the phone. Definitely a fun little project. Meet my sister, she has a way better voice than me:

(Not sure why it doesn’t fetch a preview. Ah well, got too much shit to do today anyway)


Probably because it’s unlisted. Really good though, I’m no singer but I did do some music classes in college and I know good singers when I hear them. What really separates the men from the boys (the women from the girls?) IMO is good dynamics in the voice and actually projecting from the chest like you’re supposed to. I can tell pretty clearly here that she is. I feel like so many singers I hear today are either missing that or it’s getting lost in the production somewhere, so good on you guys for getting it through.