Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Well, my office is having us a work from home for 2 weeks and I’m also on self-isolation due to a dodgy persistent cough, so I thought I’d start a thread about it.
Today my colleague is Nick Batt.

How is this all kerfuffle affecting you?


Our company has things pretty well managed, we have office all over the world and they have a response team with daily updates, and most office outside of Germany and the Americas are going quickly into work from home. I expect we will also be sent home in the coming 2 weeks. Sort of looking forward to it…I can spend my gas money on synths instead.


Invested in a micro freak already…


Yea. Both my Uni’s shut down online teaching to resume next week at one and on March 30at the other. Ill have a lot of free time as weve been encouraged to simplify our course work.

All that to say sub’d


I’ve had a hectic week, my office is having us work from home, which they decided on yesterday, are setting up today, and are starting monday. Though I still have to come in 3 days a week to turn my computer off and on so it doesn’t crash and my remote software keeps working.


This is the grocery store down the street from me.

Everyone in Utah is going fucker hoarder prepper berserk mode.


All these people buying out TP and not even remembering to stock up on towels, smh


Here’s the kicker: ordered some TP for my parents online last night to assauge their fears. It’s backordered… 5 days. We have enough. The supply is still coming through just fine.


I work in a factory ten hour shifts, needless to say, we’re still working. :stuck_out_tongue:


@nose do you feel like where you live is more liberal or conservative? I’m just curious if political beliefs have anything to do with who is stocking up on shit. Its pretty much Trumptown here and mostly there is food all over the shelves.


SLC is blue, barely, but all of Utah is a very red state. But even still, it’s highly LDS. The LDS are known for hoarding food like fuck, because most families have 5-9 kids. I grew up with people everywhere having vast food storages and prepper-like behaviors.

I have no idea what the fuck is up with people around town. Utahns are trigger happy fearmongering church fiends.


Oh yea, it is part of the Mormon religion to be a prepper basically. That makes sense.


I went to Guitar Center (I know, I know) to get some new cables today and they were fucking out of a ton of shit, wondering if they aren’t getting shipments from overseas?


Working from home already every day, so not much change for me. You just get more paranoid about getting outside, reading the news too many times a day.


Strangely my backwards ass state is leading the way on the Covid-19 front…bars and restaurants are now required to be closed except for take out and delivery. They closed K-12 schools for three weeks and both the Univ’s I work are going to online instruction for all course work. One of them for sure is basically making all students move out of the dorms. We’ve also banned gatherings of over 100 people in the state.


California is shutting public schools down monday. My mom has to go in for a meeting to see what this means for pay, benefits, etc. I’m setting up my home office right now.


on the lighter side, lots of companies are giving away free shit…Korg is giving the iOS and Android version of Kaossillator away (check your local play store thingy) and I have seen a ton of folks on Twitter offering free BC codes for albums and stuff.


Moog Model D is free on iOS and it’s fat!!


i work in a weed store in seattle and i get the sense people dont think much of this as a threat, especially if theyre out of the high risk zone, still a decent amount of people out and about while the rest of the city quarantines.

nevertheless the panic is good for the weed biz.


defo gonna grab those apps tonight