Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Haha. I mean there is research on damn near everything


I mean going from thinking women owe you sex to thinking having white skin makes you better than those that don’t isnt a huge leap…


Mic drop


My gay friend is actually pan and told me she’d bang me on my next Japan visit. DEAL!

Planning one last Karaoke party, already running into small town drama. It’ll be one for the history books (they all are…)

Successfully gave away my comic collection and paid rent for the last time.


Nobody cares about me bangin’ I guess. Jeez!

About to head to my second job for the first time.


I’ll have the cigars ready when you two are in the same country :champagne:


we’re ready to start a gofundme anytime man, just say the word


Wait… I’m supposed to applaud you frat brah style for some sex you haven’t had yet? Nah man. I need proof of life first :stuck_out_tongue:


C’mon! Dang, how am I supposed to stay positive?

I was supposed to go this year…and then this year happened.

Second job is my old Janitor job (which I frickin’ loved), but now my part-time wage is the same as my full-time wage, which means I make half my old living wage that I was making three years ago (more if I put in more hours, which I probably will), plus my current job’s wage which is better than my old Janitor job’s wage (overtime overtime overtime).

Moving back in with my folks on August 1st. Not ideal, but holy crap, I’m gonna be rollin’ in dough. I moved to Japan with a thousand bucks and Moab with 2,000. I have…more than that now, all within the span of a couple months. Lockdown has been great for my spending habbits. I got 12 months to think about some stuff. I’m assuming Illinois will go back into lockdown again fairly soon anyway, thanks to these fucking trump supporters.


Ohhhh shit, somebody local just hit me up with a National Geographic collection free for collage purposes. Hell yeah. You guys should see the giant box of porn and horror magazines I have for free. That shit is expensive.


hey can I donate magazines to you? Y’know, ones that aren’t porn?


I expect an entire genital collage from you young man


Haha. “Help this dude get laid by some hot chick in Japan.”

I make money AND I get some action! That’s a win in my book.

Also, I’m now officially debt free


looks like that $20 donation was worth it


anybody actually still isolating? Lol


I was isolating before isolating was cool :wink:

You think I make IDM because I’m an outgoing, extroverted person? :grin:


we are keeping our social circle very small and we are pretty much only going to the grocery store




Fuck yes I’m still isolating.

Wife of the guy that has the office next to mine just got diagnosed, and he’s got symptoms waiting for his test to come back. I talked to him in the hall for about 5 minutes the other day before all this (at a relatively safe distance) - probably not enough to get it, but enough to be scary. Cases where I’m at are spiking and people are dying.

I still go out to shop and the occasional patio meal, but it’s masks all the time and watching where I stand. Otherwise I’m locked on the property as always.


Good to hear it guys, I am too haha. I have literally only gone to the gas station down the street to re-up on beer and essentials since like, March. It’s been internet-hangouts for months on my end.

Almost 700 cases per day here in SLC, but other states in the US are basically in fuck-it mode I guess.