Pandemic social distancing diary thread


I had an…interesting evening last night.

Also, I’m banned from facebook for 24 hours for trying to post this collage:

“Social Justice Warrior”

It features a nude woman.



My mom, who is very familiar with my collages, just challenged me to make one of only nude men. Challenge accepted.


Cool, I’ll send some nudes for you right away :wink:


I only work from magazines lol. Also got into a discussion about art and nudes in general with my dear old mom. Trying to find gay mags or muscles mags, but my magazine guy doesn’t have any. I’ll try to work with what I got.


“Hi, you got any gay mags in here somewhere?”
“Yeah in the ba–”


Thats exactly what happened the first time I went in there. They’re used to me by now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t like Maxim or a lifting mag also have buff dudes all over it to? Dunno why you think you have to go straight to gay porn…just get an old Abercrombie catalog ffs.


Well, considering some of my collages contain female genitals, I’m going all out. I might pick up a Taboo while I’m at it. Headed to the pub for a beer, then the zine store. My mom is gonna get more than she bargained for.

Second job has been set up. I’m going to be ROLLING in cash soon with no time to spend it. All part of my plan to move out of this town next year…


I’m now caring for a young rabbit I rescued from my backyard. Bad head wound and missing an eye, but otherwise okay. Got a nest and grass and water set up in a box. I’ll check on the little dude in the morning.

Not how I saw my evening going. I haven’t been keeping you guys posted on the crazy nature shit going on in my backyard this spring. Had this baby deer show up (and yeah…I totally touched it), then another a week later from the same mom. The mom is starting to get annoying. We had a fucking standoff last night. GET OFF MY LAWN!!!


You’re life is like a Disney cartoon

with gay porn


bruh Disney cartoons have that too, it just gets cut out and stored deep, deep in the vault.

My brother knew an animator who interviewed with them once, and they bring you in and show you all the porn that gets drawn in production and they say “look, this is going to happen to your characters. We can’t stop it, we try and keep it from getting out. You cool with that?”. If not, you don’t get to work there.


If I interviewed at Disney and got to see exclusive goofy porn from the creator himself I’d consider it an honor.

rule 34 OC from the creators themselves? I’m in purely on principal

Didn’t Disney actually cut out all the classic sex-jokes from their old films for their streaming releases?


The rabbit didn’t last through the night. Not much of a Disney princes.


Phase One of a possible Karaoke party next Saturday has begun… I won’t have many opportunities soon…


I like how it’s masks vs. non-masks now in the US. You can pick the assholes out quicker than usual, none of their shitty bumper stickers required :upside_down_face:


Signs make stuff easier.

For example wearing a MLP sticker


They had an incel problem before that so this isn’t that big of a jump…


Is there research on men becoming nazis when they don’t get laid?


It’s a natural process. Getting laid is essential for health.


This is just rule 35; if it exists, incels have turned them all into nazis

Edit: Yep, there’s even a Simpsons version of this in full swing