Pandemic social distancing diary thread


I found a wikihow concerning conflict resolution it may help facilitate level headed thinking in order to settle the flames of choas and come up with practical policies…here is the link

The sad thing is I’m totally being serious…fml


I made this with the help of a friend that took the pics. I’m hoping to bring some levity and laughter to some people. Spent a wonderful evening blasting through Super Mario World and hanging out with some new people.

And yes, I used a lot of eyedrops that didn’t show.


Is that…Latin?


Yes it is.


One more that was staged this evening:


Alrighty, here’s an update:

I had a virus, which was using up all the CPU and causing the laptop to overheat. I had removed McAfee but hadn’t installed my anti-virus of choice, yet. So that’s 20 bucks wasted on some coolant stuff, but it’s all good. Laptop is back to normal.

I’m cynical as fuck about the whole US situation right now, and how the upcoming November elections are doing their best to rile everybody up. Two weeks ago people were urged to stay as far away from people as possible due to the deadly thread of COVID, now we are urged to actively protest right next to each other due to the deadly thread of RACISM.

What happened to all those laws banning gatherings of 50 people? I’m so over this fucking year.

Window sales dropped due to Covid, but now they’ve spiked due to looting, so I sure as shit won’t be out of a job. Working 48 hour weeks, but I could do more, honestly. Hopefully we’ll be back on Saturdays. My bank account looks like a corona virus outbreak graph at the moment.

Temperatures are being taken as we go in. Dot Foods had that shit taken care of wayyyyy back in the day (Got a good friend who works at a nearby plant). Still no raises or extra vacation time (another nearby factory gave some vacation time), but it’s all good.

They pulled some people from graveyard shift, and they have been lovely. One dude is staying on first, and he’s such a great person. I’m glad he’s sticking around. He’s coming to my next Karaoke party whenever that happens.

Basically what’s going on in this town is that most people are being told that if you don’t show up to work, you don’t have a job. My sax friend Markius is working the next two weeks straight with no days off. A dude who was passing through town worked at a local restaurant for free to help them out. Some people are making bank on unemployment, but that’s not gonna last. I’ve come to terms with the fact that Morgan won’t be coming back to work, and she was one of my favorites.

I’m off the line and in charge of four robots who are constantly having problems. Two people are needed to run it, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be just me for the foreseeable future. I’m just happy I’m off the line. I wanted to move since before Covid, and that was no secret.

Since the tattoo shops are open, I stopped by to drop off an animal skull I found and bleached, and gave it to that last fling I had. I’ve known her for years before we ever did anything. I’ve been avoiding her. She was so happy to see me and we had a great chat. I gotta get the collages I gave to her to rescan them.

My other friend went back to her shitty ex and doesn’t talk to anybody now, and another friend went back to his SHITTY ex, but at least he lets me over at his house (played Star Fox there last night). What IS it with this town? “Let’s be bored together!” I give them both a few months at best.

There was a tiny protest staged, my mom didn’t want to go because she thought she’d get shot, another person I know didn’t want to go because she thought she’d start a fight. Meanwhile I was at work. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend who works at a magazine store just dropped off a bunch of porn and horror magazines for collage purposes. SWEET

Anyway, yep! Not much has changed. :stuck_out_tongue: I pretend I’m on Battlestar Galactica at work, which makes it a hell of a lot of fun. Saving money for a new car so I can get the hell out of here for good.


Work stuff:

I decided I’m in parts making now, so I’m now in parts making. You can thank Covid for that. I basically just started showing up there and declared myself part of parts making. All the lines left early today, but we all busted our asses. I want off the line, and I want my old shitty manager to stay the hell away from me.

Starting a part time job on the first working evenings. Probably moving back in with my parents to save money in order to get to Portland next year. The plant manager used to work work there, I want to talk to him tomorrow (today was way too nuts). This time next year, I’ll be in out of this shitty town, I swear to god. No matter what it takes. I need to get back to the city.



It’s been years and I still probably think too much about the ads facebook serves me, but I was scrolling through today and this one was a doozy.

First thing I thought was “nice, no more music software ads”.

Then I thought “oh nice facebook thinks I’m a CPA” (which I am not, but I’ll take it as a compliment).

Then I thought “wait what changed last time I mentioned accounting on here was last year where are they listening to me now?!?!”.


^ I just get adds for awesome shirts and art prints. The raver stuff died down a few months ago.

In other news, while everybody is bitching and moaning about the state of the world, I got offered a free drink from a pretty lady next Thursday (Bartender. She’s awesome), going on a float trip on Sunday, and my plant manager told me he’d get me a Job in Portland when I’m ready. :sunglasses:

Now…what to do with the rest of my day…


I’ve got ads for belts, Nissan Energy, and Manscaping products.


That’s easy, just make music


It’s not all installee yet. I’m procrastinating!

But I did get something in Win 10 to finally stop nagging me. The “restore internet securities thing.”


Worked, made some music (which I liked a lot), chilled with family, played some 'puter games. Had a great curry and some nice beer.

Got some negs that I’m not going to share but overall a good day. Any probs I got are nothing compared to those that are genuinely suffering.


Support local farmers, they said. Well, this happened


I’m going back to the regular kind, thanks




Isn’t that a delicacy in parts of the we eat fucking everything asian cuisine?


No, we need a few more bats and reptiles for that shit. I’m sure I know somebody who eats fertilized eggs with their squirrel brains, I just don’t want to ask

Just wait for the floridavirus, you’ll hear about it soon


It’s called balut.


I snagged two more collages I gave to a friend for her birthday and finally got scans of them:

And here’s the latest. Given as an apology gift to my neighbor who I pissed off. I don’t think I’ve posted this yet:


Went out on a float trip yesterday, had a good time except for one asshole. Smoked too much weed and tweaked out for 30 min. Spent most of the time in the water.

Kontakt library is coming together. Gonna grab my go-to reverb VST, then I’m done with music resurrection for the evening.