Feedback and help from the community


Hear Hear!!! Hip Hip HOORAY!

I’ll take Freedom of Expression over Anarchy any day.

Or as my Dear Grandmother used to say “If you don’t have something nice to say… say nothing at all.”

If you are angry … say so! But once the insults start, the discourse is dead… you can tell by the stench.


loving the player at the top of the page <3
its a shame it has to reload when you navigate to another page though. hopefully there is a version that works like soundcloud in the near future.
for now i just keep a tab open that i dont use, to play music.


i feel like the side room topic could be lower on the list on the home page. i love the side room, but this is a music production forum primarily.
i feel like the studio or releases or something would be better suited at the top so we dont scare visitors away with our nonsense.


Have to agree with this. Listening Booth and Community Projects should be tops.


So I take it we are all starting from scratch with accounts then, meaning I can’t post any content yet? I was kinda hoping we’d have the live mixes thread still as that doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Also gonna assume I no longer can post any content now until I have 30 posts?

I found it a bit awkward scrolling down in this thread to get the bottom to reply. Rather than have pages with limited posts per page, it seems to contain the entire history with the reply at the very bottom. Am I missing something? I can see that becoming a huge issue with ease of use.


As for as I know, the 30 day thing doesn’t apply now.

The live mixes thread isn’t here because no one has started it yet. This was all put up in record time, to give us a forum again.

To scroll down to the bottom grab the white bar to the right and pull it down, when you’ve been thread it will to the last time you were there.


theteknomage pretty much summed it up. you should be able to start new threads too, so you should go ahead and start the live mixes thread.
it will be a combined effort to get this place to the strength it was before. i think it is doing great so far.
personally i was a little put off by the new format at first, but as i started to learn how it all works it started to grow on me. i definitely think its a step up now.


Yeah thanks, I was a bit worried when eveything had suddenly changed but realised everyone had rejoined with new accounts and assumed that it might be because it’s still early days. Always a bit hard to re adjust to a new environment but I can be this has a lot more power behind it in terms of up to date features that the old one simply won’t have had. I didn’t want a decision to have been made to remove that section of the forum as I use it a lot.



Noticed an interesting bug:

If you are playing a Soundcloud track that was posted in a thread, if you scroll back up far enough, it seems to kill the Soundcloud instance, losing your place in the track, and the audio. I’m sure this is some page-loading detail, only loading the content that you’re looking at, rather than loading the entire thread.


Member Releases is where you can post mixes.


That ia due to the way the forum software loads posts into temp memory.


nah, yeah, I figured it was some kind of memory management thing. Wonder if there is a workaround…


the soundcloud player has annoyed me too.
this plugin might do the job quite nicely. it might suck for videos but be much better for SC links.
might be worth a try


I can’t figure out where the movie thread is at. Can it be moved to the side room ?


I still agree with everyone that the netlabel subforum and community projects should be stuck to the top of the list, and the side room moved lower.

Not sure if that’s doable, just shitposting it again here, I think for new users it’d present the website as an actual net label, as if you didn’t know IDMf was a netlabel… (it’s not really bannered anywhere here)


Yeah the side room should be at the bottom the netlabel, community projects, and the studio should be at the top


You guys just post in off topic too much so its always at the top :stuck_out_tongue:

It is possible to make the order static. Ill look into making it happen.


What is the “user card” image? You can upload one in the profile editing section of the user settings. Can’t see anywhere the image shows up, though.


The first rule of User Card Club is you don’t talk about User Card Club…