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Hi guys,
please post in this sections with your comments on the look & feel of IDMf and with any other suggestion.

Also, if you have a very good eye for design and want to help us with the colour scheme, volunteer here.

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Love it! Picture hosting. Finally!

Thanks everyone for getting this site back up and running.


I didn’t realize there was another one for this.

Likes so far:

  • Notifications are handier than I thought they’d be
  • Polls (testing below)
  • Heart feature (hey, ‘thanks’ got even better!)
  • IDMF - it’s back up… and the colors are the same!
  • Sleek web 2.0 interface… (I think that’s what it’s called)
  • Embedding images is pretty fucking boss
  • Changing your username is great when you signed up with a shitty name

Dislikes so far:

  • Edit vs. quote synergy does not compute in my brain (personal problem, probably)
  • No sigs?!
  • No ‘savage madcunt’ bar to fill up
  • Small avatars, I can’t even see them without my specs
  • 20 character limit seems like a lot, I’m a one-liner kind of chick w/ dick
  • Character limit on starting threads
  • Weird foldy reply box with seemingly no option to just keep it out (go commando!)
  • I can’t figure out reply trees, maybe I’m retarded though
  • Also, this (apparently I’m on lockdown already):
  • I haven’t figured out how to properly quote anybody, might be another ID10T error on my part

Not so sure about…

  • Achievements, seems like a nag screen
  • Not being able to see who last posted in a thread (icons do help, though)

Requests / suggestions:

  • Intro / Landing page for newbs (hey, that’s all of us now!)
  • Services / skill trade section
  • General marketplace section
  • Strikethrough button

Will continue to edit while I’m on post-lockdown

  • This post was great, keep editing!
  • Stop editing your post, dumbass!

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I dunno if the email info of the former users still exists but uhm… if so, they should get a lil notification to welcome them back to intelligent dance boomer music internets dot le com.

I’m not even sure music is still a thing out there.


maybe try for good ol’ IDMf colour scheme? I went to and found they captured page pre-crash. You can open it as an image and use eyedropper tool in a picture editor like gimp or photoshop and get exact same colour codes.

also, every time you open a thread its latest post field gets really yellow, similar to text colour and you can’t see it for a second, maybe a different colour for it could work a bit better. I guess it’s a notification which post is the latest one.


Add a “show last post first” option.


Don;t know how to quote yet, but yeah, what Thom said. I don’t want to be no bottom feeder. Also, like the reminder to be civil to the right of my typing window but the background there makes it really hard to read the text.


People actually used that? I thought we all went in and collectively disabled it :smiley:


Yeah if you’re squeezing every drop of juice from the lemons they pay you with, like me, and use public, slower, wifi from the bar across the street… it’s very useful for the last post to just pop up first.

I’m quite proud not to have given a dime to an ISP since like 2006…


Qoute is the cartoon speech bubble uper left after you hit reply.

Ill see what can be done about that message.


I posted a few points in the “pisses you off” thread just to be cheeky but this is a more constructive place to put my comments. :stuck_out_tongue:
There is some text field on the right when making some replies or maybe it was the “behave yourself” text with the same problem that _MS mentioned, it just makes the text really hard to read. Maybe someone already fixed it? I cannot reproduce it now.

I like the newfangled reply box with the auto-fill emojis and the side by side preview. Works slick. The badges thing when first setting up the accounts seems a bit too cutesy but I am guessing that is standard fair for the forum software. Plus, who likes Capibaras anyway?

That said major kudos to the admins for getting this thing back on it’s feet!


When do we get tags back? I don’t feel superior enough without my artist tag even though I had one song on a compilation album with over 20 tracks on it.:scream:


Is the hidden area up and running already? I know this shouldn’t be an open post, but the hidden area is now hidden, so I can’t post it there.


So I know you’re all super busy with this launch, but it might be nice to get a ‘State of the Union’ about the new site, what’s happening, where it’s going, who’s in charge of shit, when you expect it to go away again, and what we can be doing to help out and not ruin your hard work. I think the fact that there’s shit up in the LB day one is a sign this thing has legs…

As an added bonus, this would give us fine community members in good standing the chance to fondle your genitalia a bit over the hard work you’ve put in at short notice. You should totally give us that chance.

Also, I’ll assume this means the Beat Battles will finally be properly linked in the sidebar. :wink:


yes!!! sidebar fixed!!!


I definitely second a “state of the union” or such thing. I’m all for the new fancy site, but… what happened??? Everything is gone, which is a major downer… all the beat battles are gone… :frowning: We all have to make new accounts… it’d be nice to hear from the appropriate persons. Heck, why not have a nice memo from Stu himself? It’d be a nice way to start the new site, rather than just some static site popping up. For all intents and purposes we’re in the midst of a very elaborate hack, and the real idmf is somewhere on the darkweb, shackled in chains while someone hijacks idmf…


What do you think broke the old IDMf?


The Great Battle of IDMf (2018)

Belligerents: IDMf users vs unknown enemy forces
Casualties and losses: all of them including servers
Aftermath: born of IDMf II


Re: State of IDMf

We are working on this one. Great idea.

Some of the little annoying things might take some time. There were a couple things we were not able to find in the regular admin tools and might take some HTML editing we aren’t capable of to change.

The Beat Battles have their own sub-forum in the Community Projects section and have a direct link you can click on from


Hey you Pale Hairy Beast… when are the creative tag lines coming back? And banners. FMB is surely gonna claim his jackass sticker, eventually