Feedback and help from the community


don’t mind me just testing how to quote


Ahh, I see.


the bottom feeding makes sense to me, the latest messages are at the bottom, that’s how I used IDMf too.
I don’t think there’s an option to change that behaviour per user.
But there’s a handy bar at the side to move up and down…


How do you quote?

(God, I’m an IDMf virgin once again.)


You just select the text you want and a little yellow “Quote” button will appear above it that you can click. Or, with the text selected, hit a Reply button.

Quoting for emphasis and example :slight_smile:

(fuck, the smiley select here sucks…they’re all sooooooo lame)





it takes time to track people down, and plus people’s life situation/interests changes, so…all i can say is wait and see, and trends come and go, the only thing one can do is keep on keepin on


Hello. Nice this forum is back. I bit weird though…but anyways…I’d like to know where can I post my EPs.


We’re working on it, still trying to get a few things in place, like a minimum of xx posts or something like that. bear with us and poke us every now and then if we’re too slow


Wicked. I missed this forum you know. Good luck with that…


im just grateful this place is back on its feet. thanks to everyone who made that happen btw <3

so far its just odd to me, but thats just because its new. i think the avatars could be bigger, not sure if thats even possible though, or if thats just a discord thing. same for the signature, that was a great way for people to passively push their music.


Hey guys,

We are actively trying to bring back all the old things about IDMf we used to love. The fact of the matter is we might not be able to get all of those things back or the might come in a new form.

For myself, I’ve made peace with the fact that this is probably going to be an entirely fresh start. I think it’ll be good for the community. There is one huge thing to be happy about here–we have modern forum software that is in functioning condition.

Building the forum back up is going to be a long term project. IMO, slow is best. Frankly, even though the new forum feels sparse, we have way more than “just the basics” here. The netlabel isn’t going anywhere, either.

With fewer sub forums if you have questions about where to post something just PM me. Or just go for it and if the team decides to move it, we will : )

New. Different. Change. These are good things



PS: keep the suggestions coming, change just might be slow : ) <3


yea i have to agree. the loss of the old forum will cause some scars, but im excited about what the new platform can offer.
its funny that there was discussion about revamping the forum, and even moving to discourse before this happened.
i know what you did


whats this wiki thing all about? is there a wiki that comes with the host or something? is it active? where is it? etc, you get the point :slight_smile:


I just noticed that myself. Defo a great idea for a future community project. If you want to take the lead on it parricide and look into how it works and finding out what people might be interested in contributing, the community projects forum is open. If it gets enough traction happy to give the project its own sub forum.


a fresh start is better, cleaner, even though all that music production knowledge is somewhat gone and now in only in memory unless someone out there saved a word doc of how to do stuff…oh well…


yea im happy to look into that. a wiki would be a great addition.
we had the A to Z before, a wiki would be a much better replacement for it


its such a shame the old information is gone, but we cant cry over spilt milk, even if the milk is about 10,000 years of combined knowledge.
a lot of it might still be available on the way back machine. i was thinking about having a browse around and see what they have archived. if i find stuff worth keeping i will do my best to get the information over here.

i was also going to upload nhomas’ guide to mixing, since this was one of the most solid resources on the forum (and on the internet imo), but i didnt want to tread on any toes. im sure he will be signed up here soon.


Here’s a brainer: an embedded media player on the front page when you load up that plays a song from the LB that the mods like enough to feature. Increase community involvement! Is this possible with this architecture? No idea. But a featured LB track stickied post at least would be cool.


I definitely like the new interface. The old idmf was long due for a revamp. Am I correct then in saying this is based on Discord? I recognized the scroll bar from the discord chat, much nicer than the old vBulletin. It’s also much better on phones, without having to download the Tapatalk app (which I can’t stand downloading more apps just for posting online… I have a perfectly good web browser!)

One of my questions tho is how do we do in post SoundCloud players? And YouTube? I haven’t tried images yet.