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Discourse. Completely unrelated to the chat software.


Roo used to do this Roo recommends thing. Basically the same idea but just in a normal thread format.

If you want to start that project go for it! Doesnt have to be a mod. Everyone here has good, diverse taste.


I didn’t read that as a normal thread, but actually having a player up top of the home page, like between the black bar and categories bit. Bonus points if it randomly selects a song from the LB (or a playlist curated from the LB or releases or whatever).

I personally think it’s a great idea. It says “you came about the music, here’s the music” front and center - no clicking, no digging, do not pass go, just click play. I think you’d be surprised by how many spins a track will get just by being thrust in people’s faces like that.

Also, if we’re suggesting, I don’t know if you have the power to move categories around, but I really think the music related stuff should be up top (crowned by the LB), and all the rest of the chatter down below. Gives a newcomer the impression we’re actually focused on the music and not, you know, “things that you piss on today”.


The black and white header kinda clashes with the color of the forum itself, imo. Maybe try making the black part the same color as the background of nested quotes? Then changing the white to one of the muted browns.


It works! :clap:


that sounds awesome.
it would be cool if it could be set up to automatically generate a random track from the LB so you never know what youll get.


yea, let them think we are not focused on the things we piss on the most, lure them in gently then BAM!, piss on them!


also the ability to toggle it on and off would be nice, because of being mobile and would be inappropriate to listen to in certain circumstances


turning autoplay off by default would be good i think. we can click the play button when we want.

how did you get that block quote to show like that??? mine doesnt include the names :confused: did you do it manually?


It’s definitely nice to see this forum getting a revamp. It means there are people who care about the community.


most likely a code thing my guess is

[quote=“username, post:#, topic:#, full:true” ] not sure though


when i click the reply button it doesnt quote the original and when i highlight and quote it only uses the username of the top post.
hmmm. i will get my head around this new format eventually :smiley:


Parricide, here:


Introduce yourself section? Is it not a thing anymore?
I haven’t figured out how to set a new avatar thing (that’s me tho it seems)
No signature block for everyone to remind me about their release, or whatever those were for!
Oh, also the “this many new posts” thing is gone.

It’s back
I like the layout.


thats how i usually quote in the reply, but BFK managed to get quotes within quotes without having to do it manually though. fuck knows, not a big deal, i will just do it manually if i feel its necessary


i miss the signatures too. not sure if its possible on discourse.
an equivalent to the “new posts” thing can be found on the home page at the top. there is “new” and “unread”. not entirely sure what the difference is atm, ive been using both.

there is a plugin for signatures if admin are interested:


Not sure how the fuck even any of this works, but I did find these bits of data related to plugins for signatures via discourse via GitHub.


I don’t know if there is enough interest here, but I vote the guitar thread gets stickied!


You don’t need to do it manually, you select the section you want to quote, click quote and it will add it to the post.


yea i figured that out now. thanks. i knew it would be something stupidly obvious :laughing:

i read what you said again and i think you were talking about something else. i wanted the multi-quote thing, but i think to get that you have to click the “quote whole post” button at the top of the box you type in