Feedback and help from the community


the real MVP. I was using the speech bubble this whole time. Definitely a nice QOL feature to this new forum.


I like that I can see my hours of read time on this website so I can get depressed about my life more regularly than I do already


Personally I’m in favor of letting go of signatures. I didn’t miss them on Elektronauts or DSF.


i dont understand why everyone is complaining about the colour of the text. for me it is very clear. have i got a different colour scheme to other people?


Can I just give some props here real quick? How about the fact that everything I’ve embedded so far just works! Youtube just works, private soundcloud link just works, articles show up with previews so I don’t have to write them out myself!


The free plugin thread is going to be a mess when we get around to re-making that gem…


i forgot about that!
since you didnt just start it i will go ahead and do that. i will try to keep a tidy list of everything in the OP too.


Idk man I think the color scheme is perfectly fine. It’s rather pleasant on the eyes for me personally, I don’t see any issues with it.


agreed. maybe others are seeing it differently to us?
somebody said they had orange writing on an orange background (cant remember who), but i dont get any orange backgrounds :confused:
can somebody who doesnt like it show us a screenshot please?


here is something that worries me a little bit.
every time you open a thread, it loads the WHOLE thread. For example, this thread has 69 (70 if you count the post i am about to finish writing). Will this always be the way? is there a setting i can choose to separate threads into pages with an X number of posts per page?
i only ask because thread are notorious of getting large (Off-topic thread on the last forum actually had to be closed and restarted fresh because it was just too large for indexing or summat).
my computer isn’t the greatest and is sometimes rather slow. i can only imagine how slow it would be when trying to load a thread with 500+ posts in it.


I’d check your user control panel first. Also, I’m not sure it really loads all the threads automatically. What are you basing this on, the way the embedded scroll bar displays?

I’ve never had issues loading 500+ post threads on other Discourse forums and I’m not running that crazy of a laptop (i5 with 8 gigs of ram).

This is how every Discourse forum I’ve used works and I’ve never had an issue with loading long threads between well aged desktop computer, a new but not fantastic laptop, iPad Air and older android smartphones.

(And again, I don’t think it is actually loading all the posts automatically, happy to be proven wrong on that).


you might be right. i just noticed that once i opened this thread, it started at the first post, and the scrolly thing on the right told me that it was of of 70 posts. maybe it only loads as you scroll down, or maybe it simply loads all of the messages that you have yet to read. i dunno. maybe once i use the forum a little more, it will get a bit more intuitive. but i thought i’d mention it in the event that it may become a problem in the future.


Yes. Please bring up anything. I’m coming from being quite used to Discourse, on the user end anyway, so I’m happy to respond to potential issues as they come up. I apologize if I’m being a little short with anyone, I’m balls deep in final grading due next Tuesday.


If you click and drag the bar from the bottom, to a different position - you’ll see the posts load in by a little circle icon. They load in off-screen while still seeming like it’s a fully seamless single page. They definitely aren’t all opened at the same time. It’s pretty genius, actually.


Maybe deadmau6 is talking about the quote box? IDK


I like it as well.


I will not feel comfortable until that “F” is changed into lowercase.

It’s driving me nuts. The tiniest thing, but OH SO important.


I’m one of the few who has never noticed and will never notice the small stuff :smiley:


I hate it here and I want to go home.


lol the F not being lowercase?! lol I don’t care, it does bug me. In fact, I kinda like it the new way.