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Not able to post more than 3 consecutive posts in a thread.

I’d imagine it doesn’t bother most guys in here, but it means I can`t do genre devoted threads like I used to. like the electro, psytrance, new wave thread, and many others from the old site.

Instead, open a thread, put in 3 posts and watch it die. :neutral_face:

Anyway, thought to bring it up here, hopefully it can be changed back to no limit posting, shame if it doesn’t.


Good point, I raised it to 10, but why not editing your post instead?


Cool, thanks!

Oh I just don’t wanna cramp edit like 10-20 tunes together in a one long ass tl;dr post.


I noticed this only one time in my live production stream thread… I kind of made an announcement post… posted the stream link… a follow up… and then later when I did it again I needed someone to post before I could continue going on .

thanks @Automageddon I didn’t even think to ask!


Please keep telling us this stuff… there are so many little things w default settings we arent even aware of.


I can’t log in on my phone for some reason. I’ve got an android with chrome.


Responding to a thread doesn’t seem to subscribe you to notifications when someone comments in a thread automatically.


Notifications are really weird for sure. I think the software can handle way more variables so it may depend on how you respond–to a person’s specific post or generally to the thread if that makes sense. Pretty good chance we will be snowed in this weekend and I have the weekend off, might make a little check list of things to look into. There is a subscribe button if nothing else


Yeah, I know that… usually I like just getting notifications after just commenting.


I understand, that would be my preference too–especially in threads where I’m actually in on the conversation lol.


Fixed category positions ya’ll. It’s done. Set in stone forever.


Can you not block people?


A quick google search tells me that is not a feature on the software : (


Well thats a bit of a shame for me


I defo used to use tjat feature myself


The mods seem to be doing a good job keeping things in line, and hopefully the rest can lead by example.


I’m really enjoying the new positions, GG relic. :slight_smile:


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…And not requiring 20 characters?