Feedback and help from the community

Upping signatures with the ability to embed your Soundcloud tracks (or other sources) - I mean - isn’t this what we’re all quietly and deeply here for? To get our stuff heard? :wink:

Also: just noticed that no preview is generated if I use bbcode or html, so I don’t know what in fact will be posted. Tried to upload a youtube track using bbcode, as the info in the type box says, but to no effect… So previews and help/info on how to post stuff here.

If we get signatures, I vote for ability to auto-hide signatures.

Linking/embedding tracks from SC/Bandcamp works with the default link options.


Would it be possible to add a, “to the top button”, or a button that takes you to the main page at the bottom of the page? I see there is a scroll bar on the side but I prefer to click on something without having to scroll. I miss having the menu on the side as it was easier to navigate and quickly move to other pages without scrolling and going through a couple steps.

The ‘Home’ key on your keyboard will do this.

It seems like clicking the thread title while within a thread does this. I’m not sure if there’s a recency cap or something like that, but it hasn’t seemed to fail me yet at displaying the OP

I don’t see a home button on my chromebook.

Yeah, it does work that way. Thank you. For now that’ll work. I guess I would like a main page link listed at the bottom with the suggested links.

Anything that requires us to edit HTML or something of that nature isn’t going to happen (until we get a web person on the mod team). If we can’t change it with admin tools, it stays default. This would be one of those items.

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Thanks for the info. I thought it might be a simple thing to add.

We welcome the suggestions, but some ideas are just outside our reach. I apologize if I seemed a little short : )

No worries! Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. I just thought it would be a feature that would be useful. :slight_smile:

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The “latest topics button” at the bottom of thread works close to what I was looking for.

does anybody else notice the notifications from the forum are the exact sound as the windows notification jingle?

any way to… maybe change that to something groovy, like a sweet disco scratch or some shit? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re hearing sounds?

Might be the acid. :joy:

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Dave’s not here, man…

Pretty sure browser notification sounds come from your OS not our end.

You mean nobody else noticed the whispering either? The forums whisper to me at least

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posting in LB and Member Releases should be limited like in old IDMf. Sooner or later (it already began) brand new accounts will emerge just to post their latest Trap Banger Beatz to fish for compliments and do shameless self-promo while offering nothing in return.


I’ve had a quick look the other day and could not find a way to limit posting in some sections, might be in there somewhere