Feedback and help from the community

Ill have a look here this morning again.

OK ya’ll, I attempted to lock down the listening booth for new users. Any with 30 posts (Trust Level 1) should be able to create a new post. Anyone who is at Trust Level 0, a new user, should only be able to see and reply to posts. Anyone want to test this for me? As I said in the LB, any veteran users can PM me to edit their accounts if they’ve not met the requirements.


Definitely been seeing a lot more of that. I have no shame in giving those posts a real opinion… and then usually they never come around again. If anything it just creates litter threads.

nice work on the post limit @relic :slight_smile:

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“Litter threads”, very accurate. Big thanks to @relic for sorting it all out. Post count is surprisingly effective because it asks to put some effort (30 posts? I’m outta here!). Nothing against people sharing their music but such forum sections often attract these self-promo gurus that go through every forum on the internet constantly looking where to shovel their gratis hits.


Notable offender: (three threads in a row, fucking really? lol)

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Relic fixed that, but we’ll keep one of those posts as a testament…

By the looks of things they havent posted much and the new rules should stop them cold.

just stopping in to rep how fuckin’ AWESOME the messaging system is here. It literally pisses on the ashes of the old forum

but real talk:

can mods see all messages from users?

because Relic might find out how secretly gay I am for him

When opening a post I am not too keen on the white flashing / fading post thing. I like the effect but I wish it was not so piercingly white maybe make it a different shade of grey (needs to be darkened imo). Thanks for any consideration on this. :slight_smile:

Agreed… it has potential, but as is, it is a bit lame.

The new site is absolutely gorgeous, great job IDMF staff!

I’m a web developer, front end/ui ~ Javascript and Css
What you’ve built here is simply put, the best forum software I’ve seen so far.

I’m looking forward to being involved in the next stage of IDMForum’s evolution :heart:

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Sorry to repeat this if it has already been addressed, but how do we get the ability to edit our posts?

@Jazzyspoon on your post try clicking the the “…” that is to the right of the heart and the chain symbol, it’ll be the pencil symbol. It might also be something new users can’t do? There are soooo many freakin’ settings in this new software…

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The quote tags don’t seem to work correctly. In some posts I see quotes, and I remember doing it before and it worked, but now when using the quote function or just putting simple quote tags, it doesn’t work for me.

Just testing here.

Yea, I saw that too. We do need to update the software, there is a way to do it through our browser based admin tools (I think). But we need to make sure we download a backup. Probably inform Stu and make sure we get a response before we do anything.

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Why? What could go wrong?

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The great purge of 2019.



hey so I still don’t know where the Movie Thread is located, it sometimes pops when a new answer is made, but not every time, and it’s not in the side room where I guess it should be

edit: lol, I had accidently muted it.

Great to have you back! I’m sorry if this have been posted before, long thread. But you need to remove the stickys from the front-page-last-updated-thread-list or what ever you would call it…

When writing this, there has been posts made to this category more recent than the ones that’s shown!