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Discuss movies. None of that TV shit.

I just watched Kick-Ass for the first time since I bought it, like, 20 years ago. Pretty good, not all that dated.

That is all.

Feedback and help from the community
Feedback and help from the community

Love that movie.

I just watched the Blair Witch Project for the first time. Not disappointed at all really, since I like really bad movies.


The remake of it was actually… OK, surprisingly. If you haven’t seen it I’d give it a whirl.

Movies for me otherwise have taken a pretty stale turn, although seeing Dead Girl recently was a pretty good b-flick adventure.


I have a few movies I bought and have not yet viewed: The Revenant, Tokyo Gore Police, and Beavis and Butthead do America come to mind. Which one should I watch first?


Tokyo Gore Police. Hands down, that movie rules.


I don’t know how to quote yet, soooooo…

Nostromer, funny you should mention Deadgirl. That was in a group of horror movies I watched in 2010 that stuck with me, and I’ve been working on picking them up on bluray (some are imports) and just grabbed that one and rewatched it last week for first time since I saw it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think it held up. I really like the soundtrack and the general theme they were going for, but the script and acting were harder to look past this time. It also seemed horribly dated in the years since it was made. My least favorite of the horror movie bunch. The others, in order of goodness:

The Loved Ones -Soooooo good, and one I watch quite a bit. Recently showed it to a group of friends and I had a ball watching them squirm.

Pontypool - Also really good. Even my mom liked it. :stuck_out_tongue: Both this and Loved Ones are ones I’ve watched regularly since they were released.

Teeth - Very funny, if you like that sort of thing.

The Signal - Not great, but ambitious. I think the premise is pretty creepy and handled well in parts, but the nature of how the movie was made means the quality fluctuates. Not to be mistaken for that shitty movie staring Laurence Fishburn.

Eden Lake - Another fairly recent purchase. Early Michael Fassbender movie. Made some waves back in the day, bit I didn’t enjoy it as much now. I’m now used to victims turning the tables on the aggressors, and this seems to be set up for that, but it’s pretty much a woman being victimized and passive through the whole thing. Not terrible. Some good performances, but the movie is heavy handed as fuck.

Deadgirl - Again, good soundtrack that I still have on my Ipod. Too bad the movie isn’t as good.

End horror movie ramblings. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sci-fi in 2019 (no Star Wars)
(more celebrities involved in the genre than in other years - for better or worse)

Jan - Replicas [Keanu Reeves]
Feb - Alita - Battle Angel (manga filmization, James Cameron screenplay)
Feb - Chaos Walking [Daisy Ridley]
Apr - Captive State
May - Ad Astra [Brad Pitt]
Oct - Gemini Man [Will Smith]
Nov - Terminator 6
? - Pale Blue Dot [Natalie Portman]


have to look into some of those i’ll probably wait till they come out on netflix


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I could see how Dead Girl didn’t hold up… I enjoyed it because I had never seen it before and thought the concept and characters were just entirely absurd. Didn’t pay much attention to the soundtrack actually… maybe it’s a good reason to revisit it.

Speaking of horror sleaze trash, have you seen “Father’s Day” yet? Believe it’s on prime streaming. Fuckin’ perfection.


It’s so good.


If you guys like horror movies you might like Battle Royale. Also, if you can speak German check out Das Experiment. Dunno if it is available dubbed or subbed. probably.


And yet many times TV is superior to film because when done well it can give far greater depth. Granted, many times its just as terrible as most of what the film studios churn out :dizzy_face:

I googled how to do quotes on Discourse. Turns out, it worked… ish :superhero:
Go me.

Mind if I ask why you dismiss TV so hard?


Beavis and Butthead Do America is a good one if you’re a fan of, well, Beavis and Buttheah I.e. dumb kids being dumb lol. I liked it, tho I’m not always about that humor.

Revanant was pretty good but I was kinda burned out on Leonardo DiCaprio when it came out so I didn’t really get into it, but still pretty good, and kinda intense.

Never heard of Tokyo Gore Police.


One movie I was planning on seeing in the near future is Beautiful Boy. I haven’t seen any commercials nor do I even know who’s in it, but essentially it’s about this kid in high school who has good grades and is doing well then succumbs to a meth addiction. I always enjoy drug cinema, so I’m basically seeing it for that.


Such a classic. I need to rewatch this


I don’t think I’ve seen it in like 15 years. It was pretty good lol immature humor but I enjoyed it lol


Saw that in my friend’s basement when I was 13. That’s the guy who coined our stupid four-track recordings as “Vlantis” and it has stuck.

I was expecting a movie about beautiful gay boys. Very disappointed.

I have yet to be converted after decades of trying. It’s good at wasting hours and hours of your life, though.

Because I don’t like serialized storytelling written and directed by a bunch of different people that goes on forever and eventually gets crappy (at least Westworld had the decency to turn to shit in season two before I wasted TOO much time on it. Give me the two-hour and highly superior Ex Machina.)

I’ve watched Battlestar Galactica four times, though. :stuck_out_tongue: (and even that gets cruddy at the end)

Also, I can’t binge watch stuff. My mind turns to mush. I do not possess that skill, but I admit everybody else I know does. :wink:


The Endless (2017)

I won’t say anything about it… except just watch it.

And for an even greater treat - watch Resolution (2012) just before watching this one…


So…the new Bumblebee is apparently really good. I don’t know, the trailer wasn’t really that exciting. Also Venom, The Predator and Mortal Engines got critically panned, but they turned out really OK, so what if Bumblebee actually proves that movie critics don’t know squat about what’s actually fun?


I literally came here to post about this. Watched it on a whim last night… Was not disappointed. Love how out there it was, can’t believe some of the review hate it’s gotten on IMDB. I thought it was fantastic, reminded me of a really well made long Twilight Zone episode. 9/10