The Movie Thread



So stupid I felt a bit guilty enjoying it. Visually its basically Tron underwater. Not enough use made of Manta. This film is all about facing away from the camera then turning towards it :smiley:

It is however jolly good fun but zero brain-effort required or rewarded.


Endless is on my list, but I keep forgetting about it. I’m so fucking behind, plus I’m trying to watch a bunch of shit I’ve never seen before.

Speaking of which, the best movies I’ve seen this year are The Gate, which is criminally underrated. More Stranger Things than Stranger Things. I really loved this movie:

And Street Trash, which is now sort of my favorite movie. I haven’t laughed at a movie so much, and it’s REALLY well done for what it is.


much love for The Gate.
Gawd…i had completely forgotten about that movie.


man, love that movie so much. I remember getting a limited DVD edition of it that came with VIPER stickers for a flask or bottle. The toilet flushing scene is legendary. That entire movie just feels so gross, filthy, through and through.


Huge props for the gate and for Street Trash.


I bought the 2010 The Year We Make Contact dvd for a buck some time ago but only played it this afternoon on the projector I forgot I own, muted, while I was doing other stuff.

It is absolutely beautiful.

Did the same with the Matrix stinkers yesterday and boy oh boy is that stuff aesthetically shitty!! Good story but when you mute the sound, the sheer suck is …wow. These movies should be redone in a retrofuturistic fashion. As they are, they do not age well.


mute: by Thom should be a real thing, I think a studywork is in order


Ghost Stories (2017)

Underrated af.

Actually blew me away by the end… really thought provoking.

Definitely recommended.



I miss your electro and new wave threads already.

I was going to gel all of the YT vids in one fat playlist that I could listen at work or that people could educate themselves with…


Thanks a lot man… I appreciate it.
Yeah, kind of a bummer loosing all of those specific genre threads…
Especially the Electro thread… been posting and nurturing that thread for almost a decade… sadface.

Oh well, water under the bridge… the process was fun in itself though.

If you’re interested, (or anyone else), I actually made two YT playlists, constructed by a lot of the music videos I linked in that thread… you can find them here: :slightly_smiling_face:





so good


The Predator was entertaining. I really enjoyed that the therapy group soldiers are the good guys. Frankly, I’m incredibly easy to please these days. I just need some puns and a few good explosions.

And I think I want to see that Dick Cheney movie. You know, to remember the good ole days of bad presidents.


Hereditary (2018)

Came in knowing nothing about it… jesus christ… some truly scary shit!

Really good horror flick imo, one of the best “proper” horror movies I’ve seen in a while.


^great movie


quite good… a good estranged ending. I liked the shock value. 9/10


Yes, it was a fine choice to smoke some strong weed and turn this on, by myself, at my dilapidated cottage in the middle of the woods.


What are your most anticipated movies of 2019? Mine are:
Toy Story 4
The LEGO Movie 2

Avengers: Endgame (sorta)
Star Wars Episode IX

and that’s about it


recently had laser eye surgery and couldnt see for a couple of days. I listened to Sergio Leone’s Good, Bad, Ugly and what a masterpiece. The music, dialogue, effects etc come to life to tell the story maybe even stronger that with the visuals. :sunglasses: