The Movie Thread


Saw Deliverance for the first time over Xmas break. Rape scene wasn’t as bad as I had thought (compared to Irreversible, for example). Definitely thought the story would be a bit different. I had thought it was going to be some group of dudes getting caught in this world of hicks out of the middle of nowhere, and having to break free, kinda like Hostel or something, which I suppose it was, but thought there’d be more intensely twisted stuff, but it wasn’t so bad.

Pretty good movie overall. Haven’t seen a Burt Reynolds film in a while.


You got LASIK? I got a LASIK a few years back. How’s your vision so far?


i had lasek 3 weeks ago. The pain was terrible for 3 days afterwards. My vision now is still not clear but should get better,. Im hoping for 20/20 in the next month or so. I believe that lasik is less painful and quicker to heal but i had to have lasek as my corneas were too thin, or something like that.


Movie report over the past few weeks and holiday break:

Hellraiser Judgment: 6.5/10 - pretty average, better than the recent iterations. Fell apart in the last act as expected.

Tales from the Hood 2: 1/10 - one of the worst things I’ve ever seen Keith David in. Hardly able to make it through, a shame as the first movie is an anthology classic.

The Cooler: 5/10 - not surprised I missed this in the early 2000s. Pretty Ok for a drama

Zack and Miri Make a Porno: 8/10 - solid comedy, lots of the usual Kevin Smith writing. A little sappy for me, but some good laughs

The Core: 7/10 - I still love this cheesefest and I don’t care what anyone says

Baywatch: 7/10 - finally got talked into watching this by the Wife, zero expectations, actually turned out pretty entertaining. Lots of butts.

The Exorcist: A New Beginning: 5/10 - quite boring as expected.

I’m sure there’s some more but I can’t remember. Been a very average month of cinema binge.


Aquaman had a shit soundtrack, it was totally cheesy but it’s a movie, stunning visual effects though 2 out of 5 beards because of the soundtrack that calvin Harris song ruined the whole movie


Den of thieves, took a chance and I was surprised 4.5 beards out of 5


So The Faculty is on Hulu this month. What a nostalgia trip, I still love it.


The extended scene in “Hereditary” that really got me was the whole part with the daughter having an allergic reaction, the car ride, and then the son waking up the next morning and all you hear is the mother saying she is going to run an errand. It all unfolds so gradually, then that shocking image along the roadside.



Just recently saw The Rite on Netflix. I’d seen this movie around, but ever actually watched. I do enjoy good satanic/possession/exorcist type movies. Weird, devilish things happening and all.

The Rite was about a guy who’s father was a priest and also prepared bodies for funerals, who decides to pursue becoming a priest, but doesn’t himself believe in all the “god” and “heaven” and all that stuff. He’s introduced to a veteran exorcist, who shows him actually working in order to let him decide for himself whether it’s all real.

Anthony Hopkins plays the veteran exorcist, and man, this was a really great character for Hopkins, who himself becomes possessed and the young priest has to confront his own faith. Hopkins did a really good job with being possessed, really nasty, yet still smart (not just random ramblings about “screw you” “na-na-na-na-na-naaaa” “i’m a devil haha”), really good at being eerily disturbing.

As I said, I always tend to enjoy these kinds of movies, and this certainly was no exception. Definitely recommend if you haven’t seen it. On another note, I had no idea this movie was so recent, 2011. I definitely thought it had been from like early 2000’s or something.


^Saw that poster and thought it was a Magneto movie…

Call me crazy, but I wasn’t blown away by Hereditary. Loved the directing and acting, but I thought the parts where greater than the sum, if that makes sense. I wanted something horrible and creepy and biological (I went in blind except knowing the name and that it was supposed to be good), but I didn’t care for the direction it took, and I admit it’s only because I don’t care for that genre of horror. Anyway yeah, glad others liked it.

It might be one of those slow methodical films I initially don’t care for but feel compelled to eventually own and revisit regularly (Stalker, Antichrist, Under the Skin, The Witch, etc.)


Been watching a shit load of movies the past week:

Ghoulies 2
Midnight Meat Train
The Nest
Popcorn (I shut it off with a half hour left. That doesn’t happen often.)
The Relic
Basket Case
Basket Case 2
Basket Case 3
A Quiet Place
The Devil’s Candy
The Stuff

And a few more I can’t remember. I didn’t like any of those movies. There’s certainly no The Gate or Street Trash in that list of random horror crap.

I watched Masters of the Universe yesterday, and that was pretty fucking awesome. Saw that shit with my dad in the theater.

I liked the Basket Case sequels well enough. Pretty dang weird.

Otherwise it was all forgettable.


I don’t know about anyone here, but I really enjoyed the shit out of the mummy series with Brendan Fraiser. My “Indiana Jones”
I recently rewatched mummy 1&2 tonight and yesterday. Great movies, perfect balance of everything’s at stake meets light family humor.

Also Gothika was pretty sweet


my man <3

those are some of my favorites of all time. Classics.


^Well, I did say I thought they were forgettable. :stuck_out_tongue: Saw The Relic in the theater and Virus when it came out on VHS. I would have liked MMT more if they cut out all the murders on the train before the main character boards it for the first time.

Aaaaaaand, guess what I got in the mail today?



Panos cosmotos is my favorite director. Beyond the black rainbow my favorite film, Mandy close, and hobo with a shotgun is in my top ten?

You single, or what up?

edit* AND CRITTERS. epic.


@Vlantis, the Relic was one of my top fav horror movies when I was a kid. I guess I actually met one of the stunt doubles that worked on the film as well in Boulder, CO


The one thing that did bother me about Ghe Relic was when they said that the boxes that they receive that contain the alien virus or what have you was full of leaves, but they officially record it as “empty”. Like, god dammit, it was full of leaves!!


Ahhh man I loved the Critters movies. I think I watched almost all of them (if not all). My favorite was the one when they’re in space.


I -think- in the movie, the alien virus is like little orange eggs that are ON the leaves… but yeah, if they marked it empty that’s a pretty foul goof. haha.


I need to see “Beyond the Black Rainbow” now. “Mandy” was sooooo good. And it’s funny, Panos Cosmotos just loves seeing people’s heads crushed. Do you think he is a fan of the Mountain on Game of Thrones? Bet he is.