The Movie Thread


I literally came here to post about this. Watched it on a whim last night… Was not disappointed. Love how out there it was, can’t believe some of the review hate it’s gotten on IMDB. I thought it was fantastic, reminded me of a really well made long Twilight Zone episode. 9/10

I reallly loved it as well. These writer/director guys are doing great work. Looking forward to both their next project and the maker of “Primer” and “Upstream Color.”


Shane Carruth, the guy who did Primer and Upstream, is fantastic. Both movies are really different, unique in their own right. Upstream Color is one of my favorite in the surreal library of cinema. Movie is super cerebral. A+

Now that you mention it, I did get a bit of a Carruth vibe from Endless. Really loved that one.


Some new ones:

Open Windows: 6/10
Cam: 7.5/10
Annihilation: 10/10


You all should watch the Serpent and the Rainbow.


Critters made me chuckle out loud four times, and made me full-on belly laugh once towards the end. More than I can say about anything else I’ve watched recently. Always liked those movies, but I haven’t seen them since VHS days. After recently watching a bunch of low-budget horror shit, I realize why that first Critters movie is so good. Great cast, music, script, and directing.

“That was fucking awesome!” - Me when the credits started to roll.

The bluray looks gorgeous, as well.

And it features this song. What more could you want?

On to number 2.

I like his movies, but I wouldn’t rank them in the top. Have you seen Eden Log? I feel like you would enjoy it.

Great visuals:

Very misunderstood.

I saw that with my dad during the short-lived mid-90’s monster revival: Relic, Mimic, Virus, Deep Rising, Species, etc. Deep Rising is still the best of the lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the fourth one. Brad Dourif is in it, which automatically makes me love it.

I still feel bad that I haven’t watched Upstream Color yet. Son of Akira was hounding me about it for a while. I dunno…it’s so hard to top Primer… Also, Endless will be watched sooner rather than later.

Bought it at walmart yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s good.

That hammer and nail scene… :metal:


Heard about this one! Gonna bump it on my list, yeah, visuals look sick. Decent? Kind of gives me a Pandorum vibe.

Definitely bring some drinks with that one. It’s a slow, cerebral burn from another dimension. Kind of like under the skin but with more implied plot.


It’s way better than fucking Pandorum. :stuck_out_tongue: You’re gonna like it (the first ten minutes are a bit rough, but it’s really good).

I love Under the Skin.


have you read the book? I have it sitting on my desk as of a week ago, haven’t opened it up yet. Pretty excited. That movie is an underrated gem.


I had never seen Harold and Maude so I watched that tonight after seeing it referenced in many lists on letterboxd. I didn’t like it. My guess is it aged very badly. Maude got on my nerves. Fucking hippie. Harold seems to have something going on in his mind, but at no point does it make sense that Maude would appeal to him. She forces Harold into things and conversations just like her mother or uncle do, except she does those corny nutty-wacky things instead. I just felt embarassed most of the time.

On another positive note, I watched Jonah Hill’s movie, mid90s with some friends the other night. We wanted to watch a teen movie and that was just that. A very cool one at that. Jonah Hill made it a subtle and sensible movie. I thought about Paul Newman’s “the Effect of Gamma Rays…”, which I loved. It’s like that, but with skate culture.


Marrowbone (2017)

Came in with low expectations… pretty darn good actually.


A Dark Song (2016)

Mmm… no. just, no.


@Vlantis - finally watched Eden Log. What a trip, I wasn’t quite expecting something so cerebral. Definitely had the french flair to it. Really enjoyed that one, I need to watch it again. QUITE different than pandorum, i went in expecting more of a scifi thriller/horror. Really cool movie.

other movies I watched lately:

“A Cure For Wellness” - holy shit that movie was fucking INTENSE 9/10. Loved it.

“Beta Test” - 4/10, just no. terrible film.


Gonna catch Glass in theatres this week. Really looking forward to it, I feel like M. Knight Shyamalan may really have a well suited touch for creating a new world of superheros. His other films, you see them once, and they’re good, but so much of what makes them good is his signature twists, which unfortunately leave it so that once you know what happens, it kinda kills everything it’s building up to. But superheros, I feel like M. Knight could really build up a world of twists and turns into a giant world of superhero cliff hangers and all and these individuals or situations with these strange and unexplained happenings. I liked Unbreakable, and saw Split a few months back for the first time.

When he does these one off movies, it’s these one time cool ideas but you watch them and you know what’s happening but he’s doing them all in separate movies and they’re just standing apart as these isolated, kinda “neat” plots but that don’t die once it’s over. having a world to put them all in makes sense.

I’m interested to see where M. Knight takes all this.


The Invitation (2015)

Had it in my dl folder for a while…

After watching it, it came clear why this was on “hold” for that long.

What a load of crap.


One of the better ones I’ve watched recently. Super slow. Only 3 characters. Weird things happen without being addressed in any way. Then it ends without any answers. My kind of movie.


I saw this on a wim last night, actually not bad I thought. Cool plot creep, but totally predictable… ending was alright. Worth a watch in my opinion… it reminded me of Patrick Brice’s work (the overnight, creep).

Also watched “22 July” last night… about the Norway mass shooting by Anders Breivik (sp?). Pretty decent… slow burn, but interesting insight.


Mandy - finally got to it. Loved every second of that crazy train.

I’m also going to be stealing a lot of that hyped grain and over filtered/colored aesthetic for some upcoming video projects.


It’s like somebody took my favorite colors, puked them all over the screen, and also managed to make a compelling film.


By far my favorite film of 2018… never thought Cosmotos would make another film after beyond the black rainbow… Mandy was a fucking masterpiece.


Ok yeah… maybe “a load of crap” was a bit harsh…

*Possible mild spoilers ahead.

It definitely had some quality in it, the acting was decent, and the filming and overall atmosphere was pretty good.

I just thought that as long as there was a double possible narrative - the psychological and the actual thriller tension going on, and the viewer is not sure which is true, it was pretty good, but the second it went all out the actual narrative thriller - it just lost all credibility and became from a pretty interesting psychological thriller, to another stupid un-compelling bullshit thriller.