The Movie Thread


I remember first watching The Gate at my aunt’s house with my cousins in the mid 80s. It’s more like a Gremlins or Goonies adventure but it definitely stood out as entertaining back then, and i was already a fan of Evil Dead and House II (the western/dinosaur one)


Solid assessment. I saw the plot develop a mile away, maybe that’s because I’ve been peeping lots of jonestown / The Endless style stuff lately. I’d give it a good 6.5/10, it’s compelling, but that’s all.

Man, I loved this as a kid… I caught it on TV… and never remembered it’s name for years. It haunted me, I would literally ask everyone about it “the movie with the tree that opens in the backyard? The rocket that kills the monster? the claymation demons? WHAT IS IT!!” I finally rediscovered it some years ago again… the ultimate satisfying nostalgia trip. Haha. A+ classic


The Gate is going to be in the bundle of movies I purchase next. I’ve been watching nothing but forgettable stuff lately, but it’s all worth it if I discover something like The Gate or Street Trash (so far no luck)… It’s so FUCKING good.

I posted this in the old IDMf long ago, but House 2 features a scene where a cowboy zombie feeds vodka to a dog/caterpillar monster in order to console it, which is one of the best things ever. I don’t think the rest of the movie holds up, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting to it! It better live up to the hype…


Don’t hype too much! It’s a good movie, not a legendary one… but above average. I say that because you seem like someone that has nearly the exact taste in film as myself.

Speaking of which, have you seen “Father’s Day”? (it’s streaming on prime, if you have that). Arguably one of the best films I’ve seen Troma produce in a long time. Up there with “The Taint”.

And yeah, fuckin’ street trash. Such a classic. I remember getting the collectors edition and it came with custom VIPER stickers you could put on bottles or a flask. So good


^Stickers came with my copy! I’ve heard the transfer is stellar, but haven’t watched it yet.

Haven’t heard of Fathers Day. I thought you were talking about Sepfather, which is on my list. Tromeo and Juliet is the best Troma movie, btw, :stuck_out_tongue:


The best one they’ve done, for sure, second to Terror Firmer, certainly.

Father’s Day is by a canadian troup, Troma just published it - so not the same guys… similar with The Taint… which is a must see.

You need to see those so we can fangirl out about it <3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I had never seen Harold and Maude so I watched that tonight after seeing it referenced in many lists on letterboxd. I didn’t like it. My guess is it aged very badly. Maude got on my nerves. Fucking hippie. Harold seems to have something going on in his mind, but at no point does it make sense that Maude would appeal to him. She forces Harold into things and conversations just like her mother or uncle do, except she does those corny nutty-wacky things instead. I just felt embarassed most of the time.

I have’t seen Harold and Maude since I was a kid, but I think I would possibly have the same reaction as you, now. A lot of the relationship rings pretty false and the so-called tender lessons of Maude are very corny. The thing that irritated me about the story was the fact that she decided suicide was appropriate for someone having survived the death camps. I mean, I knew a nice old lady with a concentration camp tattoo that would get a whiskey shot and a beer and sing karaoke at this local dive bar. She was not pissing away her life on grief. In short, the writing is pretty poor and I don’t think it’s Hal Ashby’s best work.


Mandy - finally got to it. Loved every second of that crazy train.

I listen to the soundtrack still every other day. It’s definitely a film that complements Cage’s acting style perfectly. And everyone else is excellent in it, too! Love the animated sequences.


from the director of IRREVERSIBLE and ENTER THE VOID…
…man, this can’t come soon enough. so stoked for this.


This one looks really good.


NEXT! :stuck_out_tongue:

(You forgot I Stand Alone. I can’t watch his movies any more. He’s TOO good at what he does.)


Irreversible was brilliantly effective… perhaps a bit too much.

Enter the void on the other hand… was (imo) a total miss though, too long, boring, and the characters were completely and utterly unrelatable.

Too bad, hope he does better with his new one. undoubtedly a brilliant filmmaker.


The movie glass was interesting


Watched Antichrist again with the new gf.

Must’ve been the third or forth time now… what a treat! :yum:


Again, I know nothing of the comics…but Antman was pretty damn good. I liked that it was a little Deadpool-ish with the snarky comments. Really fun. Probably would have watched it earlier if I knew Michael Douglas was in it. I know I’m like 100 years behind on these Marvel movies, but I just don’t like going to the theater these days.


Most interesting indeed!

Just to put it out of the way first… I felt like the movie had it flaws, and that’s what keeps it from truly being a masterpiece. nonetheless, I enjoyed it immensely.

*Mild to MASSIVE SPOILERS incoming!

Despite being heavily influenced from some previous movies - Shatter Island, and Jacob’s Ladder in particular… paradoxically it still managed to had a very original “feel” to it I felt, so big props for that.

And just a small something for post viewing:

While It was pretty obvious where it was going from the start, and I knew it was purgatory from the moment of the car crash (Jacob’s Ladder… again), I had no idea how much so…


I fucking loved this film. It’s like an episode of True Detective, with all of the sleaze and existentialism, shitty prospects for a happy life, and petty greed. You won’t even recognize end game alcoholic Nicole Kidman at all in her worn out, wasted present self. Outstanding shit. See it.


That’s highly interesting, I never actually scraped into that layer of the purgatory being that apparent. Jacob’s Ladder was incredible, as was Shutter Island. I actually first caught a viewing of Shutter Island only a couple years ago, and while I usually worship Scorcese, I actually prefer A Cure over that film. All three films are highly coated with a surreal grease though, just really engrossing.

Glad someone else found that movie as rad as me, I’m not sure how it went under my radar last year!


Mile 22
good movie, plot was interesting, high recommend has kazakh seal of approval very nice

Also Netflix lost the right’s to marvel movies being that Disney is coming out with their own streaming service


Finished Netflix’s “The Ted Bundy Tapes”. Very well made. Cool to see all the old footage of Utah when he was killing peeps here.

I can enjoy some murderporn every once and an all the time