The Movie Thread


The Mermaid (Mei Ren Yu) - a strange, silly and funny romantic adventure.


So in the midst of having the flu I decided to watch in order:

the conjuring, annabelle, the conjuring 2, annabelle: creation, and am about to watch the Nun.

Quite a decent horror universe, The Conjuring 2 being the best of all thus far. I’m sad James Wan won’t be doing the third :confused:


Wanna see something really scary?

This shit is bound to hit the fan sooner or later… I wonder how this story unfolds, I guess we’ll just wait & see.


oh shit! I haven’t heard about this. Will check it out super soon :slight_smile: nice share bro


I’m literally amazed I just stumbled upon it by chance on a cable documentary channel, turns out it’s been out for almost six months… nobody I know seemed to heard about it. you would expect something like this would have some media attention… what the serious fuck is going on?


It’s funny like a month ago I was watching Moore’s doc 11/9 (on trump) with the wife… (I don’t always agree with Michael Moore, but he makes entertaining documentaries IMO) and she askes me casually “So like, what’s with the russians and trump? what even evidence is there to support that?”

I actually follow the news, so I didn’t want to dive into a lecture… but… this is the perfect opportunity to sit down and check this out. I’m sure she’ll have a lot to say about it. (She’s from France, thinks America is pretty insane in their own way)

Definitely glad you dropped this, thanks @Sencesor!!


Alright so I threw this down last night (thanks, Hulu streaming) and MAN… what a fucking trip. It was actually a good bit of information I already knew, at least in terms of Manafort, but holy SHITE.

Congrats Trump, you played yourself… and now we get to suffer



abstract fun
surreal & sci-fi at times


man, I hate Gaspar Noe. Climax was boring as shit. The scenario sucks, it mostly looks and feels like a reality TV show – both because of the shit dialogue, bad acting, and the general feeling of “This shit is annoying but I still kinda want to know what’s going to happen next”.
He casted those dancers saying he wanted to do a dance movie, but as he is one of the worst directors of our time, he made it so superficial and forgettable all he could do is package it with unnecessary poseur intertitles like “Dying is a formidable experience” – written upside down !! ooh !!
Already I couldn’t stand this shit when he did it in I Stand Alone with the intertitle that said “You have [countdown 30 seconds] to leave the room”. I don’t like reading the intention of the director so clearly.
The dance parts aren’t even shot in an interesting way.


Finally saw “The House That Jack Built” tonight. Easily one of Trier’s best films. I fucking loved it.


enjoyed “How It Ends” on Netflix


The crow was on netflix, so I watched this masterpiece of 90’s teen goth kitsch.
This has to be put in the list of “worst acting scenes”


Finally saw “The VVitch” (2015)

Liked it a lot… especially the idea behind it.


Watching movies like Rosemary’s Baby really shows how much times have changed.


Saw that one in theaters… Really loved how dark and brooding it was. Black Phillip is the shit haha. Awesome flick .

I’m related news, I finally got around to seeing “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”. Really scratched my surreal itch, and quite disturbingly. Definitely not a movie for everyone but I think I kind of loved it. Highly uncomfortable thriller.


@Gaki how so? Not disagreeing just curious : ) I think Rosemary’s Baby still holds up. Great film.


Here’s Lamey Gaga who forgot how showbiz works
A star is born… I couldn’t be bothered to even watch it. That may be my idm snobbery acting up though


Lmao, you gotta see this shit…


Just what was considered frightening/edgy, the sexism in the dismissiveness of the males, the way they had to make her look skinnier by cutting her hair and the heavy makeup.