The Movie Thread


ahh yes midnight meat train.a most underrated flick.
most excellent.


Gotcha, yea, that all makes sense. I still find it pretty disturbing despite it being not edgy by todays standards.


I wish they would make more of Barker’s Books of Blood into film pieces… that one was so good. The short story is great, the movie was perfect. You have good taste my man


I agree, a lot of it still made me uncomfortable
But some of the remarks made are like things we just joke about nowadays

Or maybe I’m just desensitized


I’m pulling the trigger on Lords of Chaos and renting it on vudu. 6 bucks. Probly gonna suck. I just want to see the train wreck.


Watched Sinister (2012) again with the gf…

Quite effective. good filming and excellent sound-track. the BoC bit is just the cherry on top.


Nooooo. Don’t feed the trolls.


Latest batch.


you’re a strong willed man. I had a hard time with the book… and the trailer was hard for me to get through

YOU MURDERED MY BOY!!! *shakes fists

I want to know what you think about that dumpster fire though


It’s pretty uncanny how much similar taste in movies I have - all of those are fuckin’ classic. Good picks bro


bone tomahawk was good.
be prepared for some…i wish i didnt see that moments.


I’m not sure how I fell into it but I keep watching random super-pious horror movies. In the past couple months I’ve seen all the conjuring universe, the exorcist movies, stigmata, and a couple “haunting of” flicks.

Last night I stumbled upon “The Golem” - I guess based on jewish lore of some sort?

shit sucked. I need to get out of this cinema-jesus-hole


Exorcist 3 is arguably better than the original, thanks to Brad Dourif.

Fight meeee! :stuck_out_tongue:

(The original is fucking amazing, though :stuck_out_tongue: )


watched spectral on netflix was actually pretty good.
also bone tomahawk ,one scene makes me shit myself…yeah.


I think I watched Spectral, I remember liking it.

Just watched Annihilation. Enjoyed that. Also recently rewatched Terminator and T2.


I also adore Mr Dourif. He was my favorite part of Myst 3: Exile, and also Alien Rez.


You know “The Time Machine” from 2002 with Guy Pearce is actually pretty retro-cool. This was in that early 00s super-composited scifi era of cheesy goodness.


Added Iron Sky to the blu-ray collection. Love that cheesefest and can’t wait for The Coming Race on blu-ray later this year too.


Had an uninspiring weekend movie viewing with the gf… here are the results:

turned it off after about 20-30 minutes in… no, just no. didn’t care for the main plot twist & logic at all… it just seemed so very unrealistic and made no sense imho.


Ahh, jesus… the lead female actor was so bad (granted - while being hot as fuck), I just couldn’t bring myself to sit through it (those shorts though…)

And finally, a film that we actually managed to make it till the end, without shutting it off midway:

It was ok I guess… nice idea, mediocre result. fine for a daily, but nothing special.


There’s a scene later in that movie… that is like… one of the most uncomfortable gore-scenes of all time, with insane effects quality. Worth skipping through just to see it. I agree though, rest of the movie is bleh.

Another movie that fell apart in the 3rd act. Great set up, ok execution… incredible potential… and resulting in a missed opportunity IMO. Over-hyped.