The Movie Thread


It was pretty bad. Neat to see the old story played out but I cant believe about 70 percent of it. It’s made for 15 year old kids who were not alive when it happened.


Ouch, this hurts. Gerald’s Game is fucking amazing. :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed. much bigger fan of the book, but this was done quite well and pretty much true to the book.
but…to be honest…i would have liked if they included the tie in to Dolores Claiborne.


Ok, ok… I just might have been a little trigger happy shutting it down, haven’t read the book, and as I said - the overall story development and acting didn’t work out for me at all… and seemed awfully far-fetched.

But, seeing these responses just might made me consider giving it another shot, and at least give it the benefit of the doubt and watch it till the end before giving it a final verdict.

I have to say, that at very least, this in particular, made me curious about at it, and about giving it another go.

So thanks guys… a final, and a more “fair” review, will be posted soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


The house that Jack built

Funny as hell, at least the first half, shamefully not so much after that though.

I’ve waited for about 2 weeks after seeing it, letting it sink in before making my mind about it. as I’ve learned with von trier films - the immediate reaction after viewing might change significantly over time (didn’t care much about Antichrist immediately after the first watch, just watched it again for the forth time… and is currently sitting as one of my absolute all-time favorites).

Anyway, where it stands now imho:

Definitely a good movie! well worth the watch, but at the same time I can’t shake the feeling it’s not on par with some of von trier’s latest, which I consider masterpieces, each by their very own right (Dogville, Antichrist, Melancholia…)

Haven’t seen Nymphomaniac… not sure why, probably because I’m not really interested in seeing a 4 hour double feature, about a masochistic Charlotte Gainsbourg nymphomaniac (must be geting old…)

Oh, and a Minor Jack Spoiler !!

The filmography, self gratification scene was cringy af!

But yeah, overall definitely a good watch and a movie, probably gonna see it again sometime.


Does not compute.

It’s very good. See it.


Movie is fucking incredible. It’s Lars’ masterwork. There’s a lot of really interesting analyses about the movie being a complete metaphor for the artistic struggle in different phases of impulsion, boredom, carelessness and meticulousness.

I really had to get deep and cerebral with it, but yeah - funny as fuck. Can’t wait for the directors cut.

edit - you and me seem to have like, identical taste in movies. Good shit! haha


Nymphomaniac is a great watch. It’s lengthy and at times classic Lars’ uncomfortable psycho-sexual drama, at other times just purely cerebral and in the mind of Gainsbourg.

I’m a bit of a Trier fangirl though, from an outside perspective Nymph might be a little long, pretentious and self serving… but that’s just how most of his flicks are. Especially Antichrist (another incredible film)


I’m already sure that this is going to be just awesome:


It’s fucking good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, can confirm: that “one” scene made me want to peel my skin off and crawl up the fucking wall. It’s a masterclass of practical effects. :+1:


Ok ok… seen the whole thing, thanks to you guys… and I’m glad I did.


I take it back, definitely worth the watch!

Yeah… it’s far from perfect, and some of it didn’t “work for me” at all… but having said that - its well worth the watch, just for the things that do work well.

The only thing that really bothered me was the ending (wtf??). I don’t know how it was in the book, but in the movie I felt that the last 5-10 minutes (the final plot twist) was far-fetched and redundant af. I think it would be a much better movie without that “actual” bs last couple of minutes (right after the car crash).

But yeah… overall still a pretty good movie, well worth the watch for the psychological horror fan.


The Pursuit of Happyness. 8/10 <3


So redundant that I had forgotten about it until just now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Captain marvel…nick fury’s eye is that way because of a cat scratch lol…and the tesseract appears…also kree skrull war…lollolololol…this movie earned a heartily beard stroking


I knew I’d hate it. I knew it’d suck… but I just had to do my due diligence as a fan and finally see “The Predator”.

It might literally be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Especially in terms of editing.

That being said, I knew going into it that the entire 3rd act of the film was reshot, and countless edits were made even a week prior to its launch.

That’s no excuse. Fuck you 20th century, and Fuck you Shane Black.

What the hell.



FUCK Captain marvel… that is all.



It’s sucks, and I own Alien Vs Predator: Requiem.

You need to see more shitty movies.


I’m just being an exhaustive troll. It just hurt my soul really bad. I personally really like AVPR, to be honest. Really love Predators as well.

This movie just failed on the fundamental idea of even being a coherent story. Lots of studio reshoots and edits. Hell, there was even an ending where Ripley and Newt showed up in the end… but they all got cut. The “iron man suit” ending was just… OOF.


Yea but you have to remember it was the first of its kind and it was marketed as a real thing. We all know that it isn’t.