The Movie Thread


just in case any of you metalheads missed this, it is amazing.
a definite throwback to cheesy 80’s gore comedy.
i think most people will like it.
for those that don’t…?
i feel bad for you, son.


Absolutely love this movie! So much fun. Good taste my man :slight_smile:


Cannibal Holocaust would like to have a word with you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe. Just from the trailer there were cut scenes that looked like theatrical type deals, so I’m not buying it. =D I still think Blair Witch popularized the whole genre. But I get what you’re saying.


hahaha fuck yeah man that flicked the giggle switch


It’s the first movie that extensively used found footage. If I recall correctly, the first half was filmed traditionally, while the second half was found footage. If you’re a found footage connoisseur (ha), give it a go. I personally think it’s a vile fucking movie.

Blair Witch definitely popularized it, and was one of the first huge viral marketing campaigns (shit,viral marketing isn’t even a thing now…). Saw it on opening night, and while nobody I personally knew thought it was real (those docs were aired on the sci-fi channel, for chirst’s sake!), some of the audience did.

Then the genre died for a billion years until Cloverfield (still the only good found footage movie, in my opinion).


I liked the first Paranormal Activity and VHS is pretty good for a straight to DVD type. There are just so many crap ones that I can’t even get into them much anymore. Cloverfield was a good take on it, as well.


Creep (2014) is pretty good (not a fan of the genre, so I don’t know much). I had to take a short break from it because it was giving me anxiety, which I don’t think has ever happened from a movie before. It manages to put in jump scares, but they’re funny and effective and fit the story. I thought the movie was a dark comedy, but from what I can tell, other’s didn’t. I may have misinterpreted the intentions of the filmmakers, but in a good way. :stuck_out_tongue: The last third started to stretch my suspension of disbelief, though.

I saw it show up on lists at the time, which is why I gave it a go. I would advise you to go into it blind, as I did, if it intrigues you.


Saw cannibal holocaust because some prick I knew liked edgy horror movies, it’s just shit for shits sake, it’s literally like a psycho autistic retard decided to direct a gore film just to troll and make people seek therapy, it celebrates shit and that’s why it’s such a shit movie, that and the fact that you cannot tell if the actors really died so literally why even watch such a film


Nobody died. :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like it left the impression it was going for!

I find it vile for reveling in onscreen animal cruelty. It comes with the territory with these older exploitation films. If the movie was better, and the camera didn’t linger, I might be able to overlook it (I like El Topo, for example), but nope. It’s only interesting as a piece of film history.



RIP turtle :’(

The movie if anything was an interesting social/cinematic experiment. It succeeded because of its notoriety, not because it’s actually good… kind of like faces of death. I wouldn’t watch it again.

In other news I recently got around to watching 30 Days of Night - wow, how did that go over my radar? SUCH a good vampire flick! Even had a bit of that arctic horror vibe from The Thing in it. Great film.

I also rewatched Child’s Play 2 - still as incredible as it always was.

And watched 2018’s “Amityville: The Awakening”. Kind of a missed hit,… but not too bad.


Have you seen Cult of Chucky? It’s awesome.


Making my way through them all again slowly in anticipation of the new film coming out. I heard Cult was the best one in a long time. I wasn’t too big on Bride of Chucky… wasn’t there another one or two after that? Spawn of chucky or some shit? I’m not sure. I kind of fell off the child’s play series after Bride.


Seed of Chucky. It gets a lot of flack and is pretty dated, but it’s great.

After that is Curse, which is okay (make sure to watch the after credits scene). More of a setup for Cult.

The new movie reboot is not being made by the team that has done all the others, and Mancini has distanced himself from it and is continuing to work on his version.

Yeah, big fan of the series. :stuck_out_tongue:


films everyone needs to see

minority report
the island
28 days later
they live!

films i recently watched

the party mom— it was decent, but it took a pretty large indie dive for some reason


Nice, another old timer has returned!

I need to give that a rewatch. I like how it handles the love story. Some good jokes, too. I’ve been meaning to give that disc a spin again along with Repo Men and Inception. I think they would make for a good triple feature.

“I’m here to play drums and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.” - Words I spoke last Friday. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t been in a movie mood lately, but I watched The Fifth Element for the first time since high school (saw it five damn times in the theater. :stuck_out_tongue: ) I liked a lot of it. Fantastic editing and intercutting between scenes, but a 42-year-old Bruce Willis falling in love with a naive 22-year-old Milla Jovovich really left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve got nothing against age gaps, but I was not a fan of the way it was portrayed in this movie.

They should have cast somebody younger, or just focused on platonic universal love between the two. The last scene was fucking gross.

I was hoping I would like it enough to buy the bluray, but nope. Gary Oldman was fantastic as always, and Jovovich is very charismatic and lovable, but I will pass. Otherwise it was pretty great. I can see why I was drawn to it when I was 16.

I felt the same way about Valerian with the portrayal of the main character harassing his coworker until he got his way.

Really interested in watching Leon (The Professional) and seeing how that plays out. I think it’ll hold up, because it’s supposed to be icky in spots, or at least that’s how I remember it. I also want to see Oldman go fucking crazy on camera.


i could be wrong here, but didn’t Besson and Jovovich get married at one point?
edit: yup. they were married for two years.


Bird Box (2018)



Can’t stand Valerian. I tried to watch it 3 times. The protagonist and characters are just such douchebags. I’m not sure why, I just couldn’t do it. I had a similar issue with Jupiter Ascending. Movies by all rational logic I SHOULD love but I just can’t handle.

In other news, some flicks I watched:

Sinister (rewatch) - man, what a fucking incredible horror film. Very engaging.
Sinister 2 - A sequel nobody asked for… but it was… meh. Wanted to like it. Not even in the league of the first.
Knock Knock - I turned it off an hour in. I could tell where it was going and I know I’m gonna hate it. The hell is with Eli Roth lately? Dude needs to step it up.


I gave “Hard to Be a God” about ten minutes on this streaming service you can get called Kanopy.

You just use your library card if they are with your local library.

In any case, as you may know it’s black and white and supposed to be set on another planet, but this planet is in the Dark Ages of their development. It’s usually shot with a silent observer camera’s eye view of the world, so people are in the viewer’s face constantly with their bullshit. Mostly I saw people sitting under someone shitting and then smearing the shit in their own faces. There was a guy that had books who was drowned in a latrine. The protagonist appears to be drunk constantly, as he slurs his speech and wanders around. He is supposed to be one of the enlightened from Earth, yet he still has slaves with stockades on their necks. It was really slow and plodding, too. I lost interest.