The Movie Thread


I stopped both movies first time I tried to watch, but the characters especially in Jupiter Ascending are that way for a reason. I think that Jupiter Ascending is a good movie and sketches an epic background story but it gets too predictable and simple with regard to the actual story. I think it was constructed as simple as that because the previous Wachowski movie Cloud Atlas was way too complicated for most viewers.

But that one, Cloud Atlas, is a real gem. One of my absolute all-time favs. Everybody should watch it. Completely different from the book, but a real masterpiece. A singularity.


For example, that scene where he kisses her when she’s asleep after just meeting her. :face_vomiting:


Dude. Yes. Loved Cloud Atlas to death, I’ve seen it a few times. Part of the reason I’m so dumbfounded as to why I dislike Jupiter Ascending so much. I generally love the Wachowski’s work.


You guys liked Cloud Atlas? I guess the small true true bigger than the big true true. Rick and Morty had it right. I did kind of like the storyline with the Asian girl. That alone could have been good.

I just reserved “Bone Tomahawk” at the library and no one else appears to be reserving it. Looks really good, so thanks for mentioning it.


They changed a lot from the book, for that storyline in particular IIRC, but I liked that one most in both the book and also when watching the movie the first time, but I see it more as a consistent story with equal parts now.


Was glossing over this the other day and heard similar things, gonna have to check it out, nice!


Just watched The Last Jedi again today.
Man, I love this movie so much!

I’m still blown away by the accomplishments of the narrative structure of this film (which I wrote about at dork-level length almost a year ago).

Next up…a re-watch of SOLO…which is tied for first place as my favorite SW film (there’s a three-way tie right now for first place in my list between A New Hope, The Force Awakens, and SOLO).



I actually didn’t like the movie, The Last Jedi but not what it does for the overall story but that it felt like a down step from the first. But to be honest, the third one of the series could make it and the first all make sense.

Most of the time, the first of a three equates to the down movie. And the rest shine, more so. Not that I don’t like it, it just didn’t hit the nails in the right direction, currently.

As to Solo, I like it. But it isn’t the story I wanted to see in these spin offs. Obi, Luke before this period and after the last set, would still be awesome. I hope they a do actually make them at least.


I’m still kinda pissed that disney threw a bunch of books out of the cannon to make room for their movies. I’ve probably read half a dozen star wars books over the years that I really wanted to see as movies. The work was done, they could have adapted these things and had movies that were written in some cases before we even knew what a midichlorian was. Not least of which is the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn. That dealt with some really cool stuff and had a couple of solid villians that made a lot more sense in the context of following episodes 4-6 than the wannabe empire they have now. I literally can’t even remember their name, that’s how forgettable they’ve managed to make them.

I still want to see Solo though, because Rogue One blew me away. I don’t mind them re-writing cannon if they’re gonna replace it with memorable characters who I want to know even more about like that. What they did with Rogue One enhanced what already exists because it gives a new urgency to the beginning of Episode 4. I wish they’d be more selective with that approach and only do it where they have plans to improve upon what already exists rather than just throwing everything away (and dashing my hopes for some of the stories I was really excited to see realized on screen).


Rogue One was great. Solo & Last Jedi were pretty bad.


Saw Annihilation (2018)

Surprisingly well-made… the visual alone is frikin’ AMAZING, and well worth the watch on its own.


Yea, the wife and I watched it. She wasn’t impressed while I quite enjoyed it. The ending was pretty trippy.


I really enjoyed watching both Solo and Rogue One. I think they did really good work on both. Not that big a fan of the new episodes, though.

Yes, I have been waiting for a movie trilogy on that one, too… That would be really epic. At least Thrawn was included in the Star Wars Rebels animation series…


I just recently watched this myself a couple months ago. Man, I really loved it. I can see why some people bagged on it but I felt it was the perfect line of surreal and scifi. The last act was crazy cool.

In other news some flicks I peeped while out of town

Twinsanity - 3/10, awful flick
Ant-Man - 7.5/10, quite entertaining
Ant-Man and The Wasp - 6.5/10, pretty cool but not as much.


It was directed by Alex Garland, so no surprise there. :wink:


My brother finally watched Annihilation last night and of course he enjoyed it.

Man, I loved Bone Tomahawk. The characters are all so goofy and kind of plain, until shit goes down. I liked that mix. It has such shocking violence in some parts that you are cringing. Hard core, man. And the whole time you aren’t sure what the hell is going to happen. That was also nice, the not knowing. Lots of weird little details, too. I don’t think I’ve seen another Western quite like it. I watched some scenes twice.


Bone Tomahawk is over two hours long, and I wanted it to continue, if only to enjoy the characters even after all the shit went down.


That backup deputy! Ha ha ha. Oh, man. I had no idea that was Richard Jenkins.

“Now don’t burn your mouth on this.”

“I won’t.”

[burns his mouth on the hot soup]


I watched Barry Jenkins’ adaptation of James Baldwin, “If Beale Street could talk” and I was bored all along. I didn’t care much for Moonlight already, and this one was even worse. I have no sensibility for the flarey ad-like cinematography, the main couple just looked too perfect, everybody is made up, neatly clothed, vapid emotional dialogue.


Ant Man & The Milf totally worth it for the school scenes where he is only partially re-sized. Laughed like a drain.