Feedback and help from the community


The quote tags don’t seem to work correctly. In some posts I see quotes, and I remember doing it before and it worked, but now when using the quote function or just putting simple quote tags, it doesn’t work for me.


Just testing here.

Yea, I saw that too. We do need to update the software, there is a way to do it through our browser based admin tools (I think). But we need to make sure we download a backup. Probably inform Stu and make sure we get a response before we do anything.


Why? What could go wrong?


The great purge of 2019.



hey so I still don’t know where the Movie Thread is located, it sometimes pops when a new answer is made, but not every time, and it’s not in the side room where I guess it should be

edit: lol, I had accidently muted it.


Great to have you back! I’m sorry if this have been posted before, long thread. But you need to remove the stickys from the front-page-last-updated-thread-list or what ever you would call it…

When writing this, there has been posts made to this category more recent than the ones that’s shown!


There are also the “Latest” and “Newest” links at the top of the site that allow to see the new posts. If @Auto-meh-geddon and @Argh-ef-jay think the stickies need removed we will do it. Thanks.


Whatever the community wants is fine with me. I’ve noticed that problem too so maybe it is best to do away w them.


relic & RFJ:
Don’t get me wrong here, stickys is a great way to inform new users about the rules in the sub forums. But they should not be shown as the top topic on the front page, in my opinion!

Also, when browsing on a phone (don’t know how it looks on a computer yet) I cant see who created the thread and who was the last poster. I think that would make it easier too to know if someone has posted after you.

Or maybe thats just my way of browsing, looking at last poster.


Right on, I’ll get rid of some stickies. Give it a shot though…maybe it is an admin thing only…but I think you can unpin things for yourself, again not sure this isn’t an admin exclusive ability. Try click in the thumb tack symbol.


Oh! You CAN unpin it yourself! Fantastic, then I’m cool with that one! Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Btw I did go ahead an unpin a few things anyway in The Studio.


It might be a really good idea to only list active threads on the main page, not the pinned threads, for a specific reason: when new users come to the forum, they see a list of subforums with 3 threads each on the main page. If these threads are not active, the image might be that the forum is dead or much less active than it is, even though there are many active threads, since these are not visible on the main page due to the inactive sticky threads…


Yea. I unpinned a bunch of stuff :slight_smile:


But is it not possible to just list active threads on the main page? So sticky threads can stay as sticky as they want to be without showing up on the main page when there is no activity in these threads? (Not that it’s a problem, just clarifying what I meant ^^ )

edit: I think I get it now - pinned is the thing on the main page, I thought it’s a differen term for sticky lol…


Yea pinned and sticky are the same thing. Lol. Sorry about that. To your point…the way things are now I don’t think we can do what you suggest.


Ahh, thanks, at least I’m less confused now :smiley:


Yea there are different kinds of pins. What RFJ has been doing w releases is a “global pin”. I think…


if you think about it the forum is like a really shitty MUD where the gameplay is to exchange noises to make music with player characters to release for an invisible audience.


"The dialog in this game sucks!! Who programmed this shit?!