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The stench of men


I did read it this morning when I got up, and was going to reply when I got back from work. But, it had been deleted, and my photographic memory isn’t what it used to be, so didn’t recall that.


Once again, the issue is not with the topic, is with the way the conversation was handled.
If you think you need to discuss in-depth why the IDMf forum is so male oriented, feel free to start a new thread, just keep it civil and don’t be a dick.
What I personally hate and loathe is the typical Internet behaviour that some of you displayed of “shouting and insulting so I get to prove someone on the other end of the world” wrong.

There’s not many topics that are off limits (Don’t be smart and try to find them on purpose as you will get banned) it’s about being civilised human beings, if you can’t string together a sentence in favour of your point of view without insulting someone, then maybe you don’t have much to say.

This is nothing new, plenty of threads have been locked or deleted because of the stupidity of a few people. Some of them have been restarted and kept civil.


Some people mentioned starting threads that would attract new users, like on various production related topics, yet this is the only thread with much traction. So whoever suggested that, get the ball rolling.
I have to say this place seems a lot smaller now post collapse!


Oh the @thom we all missed and love…

I feel I missed a good bit here. As feedback is desired, how about moving such stuff into a separate thread titled “Pointless bickering and random insults” or something similar.


This’ll be my last post with regards to yesterday’s shitshow, but I figure I should at least say something, as it was my response to FMB that apparently triggered them to start throwing out personal insults regarding my opinion of their feedback, which I didn’t take so lightly, and tried to rebuttal citing actual sources that backed up my opinion, but whatever. I’ll take the fault for letting it explode out of proportion, even though I shouldn’t.

So sorry homies, I guess?

In the effort of not setting off trigger2018™ again, I’ll keep my criticism of other’s site feedback to myself.
you do you, IDMf.


Yes we all missed the thom just screaming in rage random words like faggot cuck triggered safe space endlessly. Such great content. Right up there with the daily updates from your mission to fill the hole in your soul/personality by buying gear. Such a great forum. Also whoever nostromer is hes an absolute pearl too. Good luck with the forum everybody enjoy yourselves


Yeah you missed a bit.

You might not call it pointless if you had read it. Duh…ffs.

You’re smarter than this.

It’s at Auto you should direct your fucking salt here.


edit* i fucked this post up for some reason*


Well there was always a few weaklings like you bitching about posts of mine that otherwise got rained on by “thanks”.



Boo hoo.


Did it help, Auto, to delete it all? Did it really fucking hjelp??

Whatever. I think you’re absolutely doing this shit wrong. And THAT’s what it became about. It might be worth it’s separate thread that you would conveniently delete.

Great system.


Yeah, didn’t mean to imply it was pointless. Sounds like random insults were involved, or should I say choice insults. Really, the point was that rather than deleting them, I wish @Automageddon had moved them for those amongst us that appreciate a good show.


I was basically just throwing back punches dealt, that’s all. As far as I’m concerned, all this drama happened when FMB decided to light a dumpster fire in this thread when I criticized his claims.

This was between me and FMB, with @psyber being the one to diplomatically analyze things and provide a sound and honest response with facts… there was no reason for this thread to get deleted, at all.

Thom is just here to call it like it is as Thom, with him and Vlantis sharing some beef but who cares, mods? It wasn’t THAT escalated. It was tense, but tension is good for community building.


Well, how about you make that statement a bit more useful and spell out what they are, instead of using this as a blank threat.

It is very nebulous. For all I know, you might be close to censoring the word “fuck”…

Afraid of scaring advertisers away?


A- Which advertisers? I don’t think I’ve seen any ads on this new version, I might be wrong though.
B- This is really common sense, this is a music forum, so I wouldn’t expect to find topics like piracy, pornography and such.
There are plenty of other places on the Internet and as far as I know, this is not a catch all place.

Also I just banned Thom until next week, please PM me if there’s any issue with the decision, now move this thread forward in a useful way.


other than the suggestion of having a wiki for covering the “basics” concerning music production, such as i.e electromass’s resampling paper which i hope someone out there still has it… other than that i can’t really think of other suggestions for the forum, also like I said i’m just guest here so…i’m just gonna take a step back and just abide being that its not my place to determine such things…


The embedded player at the top (currently showcasing release 53) is awesome. Kudos.


I second that. It’s fucking awesome.


I love purple. Don’t ask me why…


Agreed… It’s difficult to construct rules that are not full of unintended consequences. The simpler the better…

I liked the “Thanks” button on the old forum. I know a lot of people used it as a “Like” button, and that was OK too… but I believe there was something about “thanking and being thanked” and keeping that score had a very civilizing effect.