Feedback and help from the community


Missed that one, sorted.

I deleted all messages in the thread as there is no point in keeping answers to posts that have already been deleted.


I agree, but I asked before to clean up this messy thread, which was not going anywhere as you guys were just insulting each other and you decided to keep going ahead with the same tone so I was pretty much entitled to have a little jab at you all.
If you can’t keep this thread constructive maybe steer clear of it?


I thought you were joking about cleaning the “dirt”. Seriously, I chuckled…suspecting the worst, of course, because I know better.

You didn’t notice that the two last posts before you went on your lil censoring rampage were me and Vlant politely ending our exchange? YOU DIDN’T??? Oh you must have.

DOn’t fucking lecture me on constructive threads when you’re the one fucking deleting posts.

Entitled? That’s rich.


I cant finish a post with ‘fuck you all’ any more? Lol


I did, but as I said above:
“I deleted all messages in the thread as there is no point in keeping answers to posts that have already been deleted.” or that are referring to posts that are gone.

No problem with this, but I just cleaned up a thread that didn’t add a single thing to the topic of “feedback and help from the community”.

As I said before, it started as an interesting conversation, which quickly went downhill.


Sideways, not downhill. It was going to get back on track, like it always did in the old house.


Kind of conveniently hard to prove that after the fact huh?

It was adding something. Something quite fundamental. Should we go over all of it again?


Im sorry i genuinely thought it was on topic. As Chasedobson said this juncture is the right time to discuss how we want to go forward collectively as a forum.

Anyway this topic is more incendiary than religion tbh


And it was! Dumb too, IMO! But absolutely worth unpacking because it’s 2018 and shit.

Don’t be sorry.

You owe us an apology, Auto. And to all the other members who will read this thinking “wtf happened? was it that bad?”… because it absolutely wasn’t. It was typical IDMf.

But maybe you don’t want that. I respect that. And if it’s the case…what 1) are you doing here, 2) being the admin? What I don’t respect is your decision to force everyone to conform to YOUR standard of “decency” in how people talk to one another. Not to you…other people!

How the FUCK are you feeling comfortable, entitled to do this??? This is not YOUR idmf.

It’s just idmf.


@Automageddon Okay cool, besides I’m just a guest here so do what you think is best…


Mate honestly i feel like you need to chill out. IDMf is a website not a way of life. Auto is a moderator its their job to keep things on the rails. IDMf doesnt have a soul or a feel that needs maintaining.

You have been consistently furious and i dont get it


It’s not in my habit to just let bullshit slide.


We don’t pearl-clutching overmoderation.

Edit: I does have a soul. No need to kill it.


…as in it can be changed without the need for you to run in screaming ‘but thats just not idmf man…’



To what, though? And by who’s fucking authority?


Im pretty sure mods have always discussed policy and how they deal with things and it has always evolved continuously

I feel at this point like you would be outraged by a car driving past your house, or if the post man delivers your mail. Anyway its time to leave this cause were not doing anything constructive.


Oh fucking right we are!

We’re discussing the ethics of deleting entire discussions.

Last I heard, this place was a fucking forum. I’m doubting that now.




a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


Posts and threads have always been deleted. If you dont like it why are you here :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m supposed to like it?

Do you?

Btw… the stench of men is not going. You don’t like it… muh huh huh huhhh bluh bluh yeah that shit.


One thing that I have noticed is that seems to be no areas that are member restricted. Before you had to log in to see quite a bit of what was going on, which means that everything that is posted is open to anyone who may happen to look. If it is possible to have member restricted areas, it would be good to have the off topic stuff there. Then keep the music related stuff open for public view.

As for the small disagreement from earlier, I personally feel that it didn’t warrant deletion. It was just some members having an argument in true IDMf fashion. One of the great things about the forum before was, that it wasn’t in any way politically correct. Lets not go that way now. I don’t know about anyone else here, but I for one refuse to censor my speech or my music, for the sake of others feelings. If people are offended by it, then let them be offended.

The reason the forum comes across as (as thom so eloquently put it “the stench of men.”) manly, is because most of are…men.

If you can’t say what you mean. You can’t mean what you say.


Agreed. Though the reference to “the stench of men” was from a thread of deleted comments.

I had laid out (with references to research) the causal relationship between the ratio of men to women and the fundamental differences in personality characteristics between the sexes.