Feedback and help from the community


Those are all good suggestions.




I think the proportions of the all-caps version are more visually appealing.

However, I agree there is merit in symbolically differentiating the ‘F’.

Perhaps making the ‘F’ on the end resemble piano keys, but in a subtle way? It would make the distinction whilst being in a light relevant to the purpose of the forum.


Who uses keys and what is there relevance here?


I’m not sure if you’re joking or not.

Piano keys, midi keyboard keys, ya know, musical keys?

Most producers have them in some form or another. Whether that be a tiny two octave midi keyboard, a synth, a piano etc.

This forum is for discussing music or derivative subjects, sharing and getting feedback on our music etc.

So why would a key not be relevant?

I’m not too worried either way, the clean all caps textual logo is pretty cool. But typically a logo consists of some element that is relevant to the brand purpose. Whether that be some clever manipulation of the type to imply something else, or by a distinct icon, symbolically representing the brand.




Lol guys, kidding, I just got a 51-key keyboard the other day and I’m in love.


I live in a 650sqft condo… wish I had room for my keyboard…

…only… fuck that slut because I bought it on a whim, brought it home all stoked, a good M-audio midi controller. then i saw it… written on the box…

“optimized for pro-tools”.

I came to realize slowly my short amount of living space would be consumed by a monstrosity that wouldn’t have any mapping set for anything other than pro-tools.

It still sits in my storage closet to this day.

and my arturia minibrute is still with that dude I lent it to from 3 years ago when i drank too much.

but hey, an WASD keyboard is still a keyboard in the eyes of FL Studio, so all is well


Hey, that’s the life I usually live. It’s pretty good, I wrote a lot of good songs that way, but I’ve also come up with at least 3 things since getting my keyboard that I wouldn’t on my “keyboard” just because of how the notes are actually arranged. Plus velocity sensitivity, I can use that now!

To keep this somewhat on topic, is there a way we can make the typing here velocity sensitive so we can see who’s been practicing and who’s letting their tEcHnIqUe slip?

Nah, sorry guys, couldn’t do it. I’m done now :zipper_mouth_face:


Great work embracing a new format


I expect you to finally switch to MPE when other people are using a direct brain-to-music-interface :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see there is a browser-based vst thing in the making…

What would be cool is a page where we’d have a few instruments with step seqs and stuff… people could either jam and or program things and save them for others to build on…



Seconded, it’s really slick on a mobile. Actually I’d say it’s better on mobile than desktop, as there’s wasted space on large monitors.


Well, this couldn’t have happened in a better thread. Because everything is fresh and it’s a good time for the moderators and admins to take a step back and have a talk about what they think they want the community to be and how they can help or how they can be careful to not hurt progress toward that.

Because if this decade of internet communities has a lesson to be gained, it’s that you curate your community carefully, or you get the one you deserve.


This raises other questions.

Like, if there were community guidelines to be introduced, what would they be? What ideologies are you suggesting be subscribed to, or allowed, or disallowed?

Suppose guidelines are set for allowed material, what exactly would constitute a violation? Are these rules based on research and fact, or how we ‘feel’ the forum should be moderated.

Let’s say we disallow behaviour that is sexist. Well, what exactly constitutes sexism? The modern definition is a bit blurry. Where exactly is the line to be drawn?

It all depends on our subjective bubbles of reality. So which specific bubbles of reality are we going to allow? All of them? If not, then what exactly constitutes an acceptable conception of reality?

The issue is that we actually don’t really know what the answer is. There isn’t an answer because we don’t all agree.

There are certain pretty fundamental constructs in our society that dictate reasonable conduct. Whether it be in formal or informal circumstances. This site would certainly fall under the ‘informal’ category.

And as such, we mostly agree that there shall be no disrespect, no name calling, no harassment. But again, the issue of what exactly constitutes those things? Luckily most humans are mostly on the same page there. But only because those subjective rules are embedded into our very nature. There are nasty people, but there is no such thing as evil, only a brain that is… different, or have had some experiences which have altered their natural demeanour.

So how about we stick to that? And we allow freedom of expression, to the extent that it does not infringe the common expectation reasonable conduct.

Again, where exactly do you draw the line?

To be honest, I think we’ve already drawn the line in about the right place already.


search function is great, much better than what we had on the old one.
what about embedding though ? I’ve seen one post with perfect bandcamp embedding. How that work? edit: nevermind ! the thing figures it out all by itself ! heh


I heard rumors that thom, Vlantis and FMB are working on a collab track together… :metal:


Took the time to clean up this thread because you kid couldn’t have a civilised conversation without insulting each other.

It is a shame I had to delete so much because there wear some good points of conversation, but it was all drowned in the usual internet knuckle dragging.


I see you deleted my post in response the FMBs comment about how this forum “stinks of men”, but not FMBs comment.

Though I must add that not one of my posts contained a single insult. I responded with factual information, citing actual research. Laying out the cause of the false perception of sex inequality in this context.

If it was in the name of cleaning up, i understand, but then then would it not be wise to delete her original instigating comment, too?

You’re the admin, and I’ll respect your decision in the end.


And it seems you couldn’t do that without throwing a lil jab yourself. That was foolishly pedantic and condescending.

We’re adults capable of handling what we throw at each other. How do you not accept that? You would rather have nothing being said at all than a convo with fair points, albeit punctuated by things that rub you the wrong way.



I cannot.