Feedback and help from the community


@valk et. al. as far as permissions and the LB everything is as it should be–I did increase the requirements (ever so slightly) for a new user to reach “level 1” which is what is required to post in the LB.

Any user can investigate an another user enough so to report them posting somewhere they shouldn’t be, feel free to flag posts in the LB that shouldn’t be there from new users.

We believe the recent user in question to be a troll and they are on my watch list.


I agree… I would add that the responses need to have a bit more value than “sick track” or “check out my track…”

When I first joined I spent most of my time in the LB. I’ve learned a lot from reading comments after listening, whether it was my piece or others’. What surprised me was how much I learned by listening with a critical ear to other member’s work and articulating a valid helpful critique… made think … hard! sometimes the exchange that results really helps to drill down into details.

Lately I’ve been spending more time making the rounds in other threads… getting to know the community a little better. Interesting quirky bunch here :ghost:. Sometimes it all seems a bit obscure… but the occasional gem keeps me coming back.

Never did a Beat Battle… only listened once! Unfinished business that I will take care of when I get the new laptop. (So tired of waiting for the IT guy to get to me!!! Aaarrrrgggghhh​:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:)


Hell yeah, proper critique, to the best of each posters ability

‘sick track’ is a cool comment to make, if you’re not a producer/musician :smile:

I learnt a lot from people actually putting thought into roasting some of my tracks on the LB of the old forum, it’s about damn time I drop some more songs on there, in my next level but not-final-form

@1roomstudio I hope you get that laptop!
If the IT guy is holding you back it might be time to let go of him and use like /r/buildapc or an online retailer, you don’t need an IT guy these days ( i mean it really depends but with some research it’s pretty easy )

my modus operandi for any modern tech purchases

  1. set budget
  2. look for ‘top lists’ of releases of tech item you’re looking for or reviews
  3. find something like for your country (online stores indexed and searchable)
  4. buy thing at best price you can find, at a retailer that seems reliable enough/provides the support you want

I mean I might be silly by going into this at all but I’m all about dem tangents and helping out where I can, I don’t mean to offend if you already know this stuff but I feel it’s worth posting just in case someone reading saves some cash/finds a better thingus for the same price

love ya have a nice day


Good advice… not sure how long I’ll wait before I take it :thinking:


What Valk said is pretty sound. If you are eyeing a certain piece of hardware and want to see how it may handle your music worflow (or just general questions about “is this good”), just post it somewhere here and there are several of us that can take a peek at it with you. Feel free to tag me in any such post.
if this is really a work machine that your IRL IT guy is supposed to setup for you then you will probably have to wait, but if this is a “my buddy is helping me setup a personal laptop” situation, hit us up if you want to move it along. :slight_smile:


Much appreciated :sunglasses:… a little back story for context: I was using my work laptop for my personal music production. I had intended to start the new year by getting a personal laptop. I actually started a thread in the old forum and got lots of good advice.

Fast forward… the old forum died and the good advice was lost (with so much else😫) and I got busy at work and never got around to getting the personal laptop.

Then my work laptop died​:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:! So the IT guy at work is working on replacing the work laptop and I asked him if I could pay him to set me up with a personal laptop geared toward music and video production. He said “no problem” and that he would give me some options. He’s smart… he knows his stuff… but he is so busy and SO SLOW!!! and it has been a month and I still don’t have the work laptop! (Although he set me up with a loaner right away)

So… in answer to your question… I prefer to work with this guy… but don’t know if it’s worth the wait.

So… meantime … I really should start down my own path (as you so kindly suggested)

Here is what I remember from the advice from the old forum: Stick with Windows (I use Reaper) and avoid the “Mac Tax.” Be sure to have plenty of integral USB connections. Upgrade hard drive, video and audio cards.

I suppose I should start a new post in the “Mega Hardware Thread”

Thanks again @Creepr … much appreciated :sunglasses:


I have an idea, can we get a live set section back in member releases? Keep it more organized I think.


lol self-serving much? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is actually a good idea though, I know a few of us do get out every now and then and it could inspire or inform others of how to go about it if we put that all in one place, and we have someone else asking about how to go about live performance right now.


Good idea. Maybe for live sets and also for DJ mixes and similar.




+1 to this


Happy to do that, but make a case for it, how many mixes do we have in the currently listening booth? Any live set?


no idea >_>


I took a long scroll…its about 4-5 mixes/live performances


The site is readable through colorblind filters. I actually like this look. It’s very calming.