Feedback and help from the community


I/o should be a mod

Cause hes cool and is smart enough to not shitpost.


We are considering banning @Roo_Stercogburn at which point we’d have a spot open for I/O. It’d be a permaban and clean, not one of those pussyass temporary bans or anything like that, and a great relief to the community I think.


If roo gets banned then I should be banned it’s only fair


That would be cool, if I can even just keep “Regular” status or better, in order to move the threads, that’d work alright.


Ban me?..(use your judgement) and reach out to elektronauts or have a subreddit catalogue idk…

Or Partner with other forums like kvr and gearslutz and active indie labels like Hymen records or planet mu…idk.

I would help but I dont have connections.

And I’m probably the hardest to get along with personality wise going by my posts on this forum, which means I would help the forum more by keeping my hands off the steering wheel and by just staying in the background with an occasional suggestion to consider.


We’ll be banning Roo from the Internet. I’m in talks with Bill Gates at the moment. It’s fairly cheap, we just have to install a 5G pillar on the forum and make sure you all get some mercury in your vaccine.


You can ban me from the internet. But I’m already in your head. Nestling. There was so much space in here it was like a move up the housing ladder. There’s a badminton court at the back.




Code busted.


How about we use the beat battles as a public transparent prescreening process for idmf artists to be considered for release by the netlabel team…I believe the user tsachi has won a lot beat battles…and maybe in order to be considered as a prospect for release an artist would have to win a certain number of beat battles to get their music sponsored by the netlabel…instead of complete behind the scenes judgement. That way there is some merit to the artists music…

But hey this is just an idea I leave it to you guys to make the final decision because after all I’m honored to be a guest on this forum…

So I really do thank you all for what you do.


@bfk @RFJ and I had a kind of similar-ish thought. Using the smaller and more informal community projects (right now only the BBs) to vet artists for the label.

Are you reading our fucking minds or something? Between your other useful comments and this its like you are in on some conversations I’m having with other people LOL.

This really is a good idea, I think. We would want more venues, ultimately, than the beat battles but we have to start somewhere.


Nah maybe it’s like the simarillion and melkor or what his name the lord of sauron finally changed his tune and started playing harmonious music with the rest of the ainur.

I wikid jjr Tolkien that’s the only reason that know such useless facts in my head… yea you can say I know a lot about nothing.


Dont thank me only…thank funk master brown too…me and him agreed that this forum needed to be saved from all the tmz like spam. At least that’s what I’d like to think. @fmb word…he was cool…I was going through some shit…hopefully hes gotta handle on the alcohol.

If comes back cool…if not I wish him good fortune.


Lol its 2020 we forget this is the year of double vision you know like dateline 2020 …I know it’s such a wierd year.


brah I am way too high for this shit lol


High five…

How bout we click feet instead.



but I do feel like we have seen everyone’s true colors in a few ways this year like politically and socially…it is kinda freaky…


Idk reading rainbow anyone…


I fink u freaky.

Die antwoord.



my brother and sister in law took me to see them for my bday like 4 years ago, what a show! Super energetic, great back up dancers, they did a costume change like every song,


what are you talkin about, it’s been ages since we’ve seen @Fidelium