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I think i remember Thom telling me about him scoring some stuff from there, one dude he met IRL. I can’t remember though.

I could see some of our Eurorack maniacs having a ball with classifieds, though.


Will the ‘services’ ads ever make a comeback?


All I want to know is who the hell this Fred Durst guy is. I’m assuming it’s an oldie, but I’m not in on the joke. It’s like when Tim switched his username to Skrillex and kept it for years… Can we just move beyond shitty outdated music, please? (I say this with love (and as somebody who heard shitty old autotuned nu-metal yesterday blasting from a pickup truck :stuck_out_tongue: ))


It’s Vault. Or Kvlt. TBH I forgot what the real name is. Is there even a real name? I dunno.


Auto changed it out from under me because I kept spamming Nookie videos. I still think it’s funny

Yeah, you stole it and made it white :smiley:


I get it now, and everything is right with the world. :stuck_out_tongue:


No one knows what happens if you finish the game, or even get a perfect friendship score with another character


maybe @xFREDxDURST will be my special friend to score with


This suggestion will probably be frowned on, but it has been on my mind for some time now. The issue involves privileges & the LB.
I see some users who have never replied to a single thread outside the ones they make in the LB. How can they expect tribute when they yield no contributions to others.
I keep thinking of a karma system (separate from the liked post system) where enough comments on others works will grant you karma points which can be spent on thread creations. There are a lot of issues here, such as junk replies, bumping dead LB threads, alt.accounts, etc. However there are a lot of positive variables that can help create a sense of value & accomplishment in being able to post your own submission to the LB.

  • other members can award additional karma points for meaningful posts
  • time limit on all posted LB threads that force lock over time but can be unlocked/postponed if karma is spent on thread
  • alt account abusers may be ID’d with quick account creation time to post time
  • seriously anyone w/ alt account dedication to get a thread in the LB has time to leave a handful of comments on someone else’s track
  • giving advice is a reflection of your own musical tactics & one curious for an implementation would opt to listen to the advisor’s works for demonstration

“That’s an interesting idea Vulpes, here is a CSS skeleton for you to implement a demonstration for us.” Ooh, yeah, I’m fresh out of CSS/HTML skills. I don’t think I could dedicate anything more than ideas, but I am willing to try.

This suggestion originates from the confusion of duedates. Back in BB100 I tried to embed an html countdown clock to no success (I wonder why (3rd party links; suprised I wasn’t shadowbanned by a bot)) which would give a clear final time w/o having to do timezone math. was the CSS link I was looking at but (replace M:S:ms w/ D:H:M) similar to this
We do have many threads featuring future dates on here & unless I missed something already implemented, this would be a great idea.


I wouldn’t think any of us would frown upon that. The issue with listening booth self promo and zero contribution has been an issue for quite a while, we’ve all seen it.

I like the Karma idea, I know discourse is capable of all kinds of goodies, I’m just not sure how capable anyone on the site is right now to develop some of it’s fancy features. If we could though, I’m all for it.

nice post @Vulpes


To be honest, I don’t feel like the listening booth is part of the same forum. When ever I look in there, it’s full of tracks of people I’ve never heard of, who seem to live in their and never venture outside. They only comment in the listening booth.


Nowadays I just mostly listen to bb tracks…the lb I’ve used to progress alongside the studio sub section but yea sometimes ppl spam it for plays and likes, if I have something valuable to add I will but most of the times I dont because I’m not that good of a composer/nor am i good at mixing…I try to leave meaningful feedback to those that contribute via sharing knowledge/advice/those on the forum that I’m semi familiar with(even though some or most think I’m a wanker)/or people whose sound I dig


TBH the lb here is pretty solid compared to other forums. I was checking out future producers earlier this week and that place is dead except for their dedicated self-promo threads (broken down by genre) which are of course a bunch of one-post wonders. I wanted to see what the place was about but it’s like 80 people looking for a good cheap midi keyboard, one guy who wonders what audio interface is best for his Adams speakers, and all those lonely self-promo threads. I looked through a few of the songs, found a really cool one (the one I posted here the other day in the what are you listening to thread) and told the guy I could point him to some pretty cool spaces. No response. Put out the same mastering guide there as I did here, several pages of practical and theoretical advice. No comments or questions there. Nope. One of the mods there immediately gave me three other forums I should join and I’m just like “WTF? you even trying with this place?”. And those other forums were better, but none of them looked near as good as here.

So by comparison, having well over half the posters in the LB be people I recognize and most of them trying to actually help other people as well as themselves, I’m pretty happy with how it looks here. Don’t get me wrong, that can fall apart very quickly as we start to get more members if we don’t stay on top of it, but right now I’d give it a solid B to B+ in the LB. I’ve seen it better at some points but it ain’t bad right now.


The other two forums that I know are the audio sex forum and the sonic pi forum. Google it.


On the old forum, the “so and so many meaningful posts needed to post in the Listening Booth” rule sometimes resulted in so much shit-posting from new users that other threads suffered for it.

The mods should of course step in if someone goes totally overboard, but I honestly think the current system is better than the old one.


That audio sex place seems pretty alright.


As I stated above I’m afraid of skeletons because of my inability but I am willing to try to put together something if I have a basis on what I am doing. Hold on…

Ruby on Rails?

negative response

Eh, well I can complain or I can attempt something to at least give back some effort. Give me time & I’ll let you know how underqualified I am.


just throwing it out there that i’m a web dev irl, polyglot so idgaf what language it’s developed in

What’s the feature request exactly?
Some way to make listening booth make more sense?
A karma system for cool club points that can be spent to create threads?

We’re kind of in a good place already feature-wise on this forum, gotta be careful with something like ‘spend x karma points to start thread’ because it might kill off active users

I don’t mind that some post in listening booth and not in other places, as long as they actually listen/respond to the other listening booth posters too

Some like to just listen to music & learn, not worry about competing or other stuff
I respect that

tl;dr i don’t know man but I code shout at me if you need a hand anytime


The LB is supposed to be set up so people need to have made 30 posts somewhere in the forum to start a new thread–I dunno why the software suddenly isn’t doing its job, when we first reopened the forum I had to go in and “fix” older members new accounts so they could post there. I’ll defo look into this when I can, I’m right in the midst of finishing my prep for a new semester of teaching atm.

For now, if you want to report someone who clearly hasn’t followed the 30 post rule, we can mod them.

Also, FWIW, on the old forum I felt like the LB was largely kind of its own thing with a lot of people who didn’t post anywhere else really.

My biggest suggestion is that if you feel like you don’t recognize anyone contributing to the LB, contribute yourself to up the level of familiar faces : )


Oh I see that’s great :smiley:

I have been slacking, I haven’t visited the listening booth in ages, will have to make my rounds and listen to my fellows

Will have to just chillax and see how the 30-post rule works out and we can go from there

thanks for the info @relic