Feedback and help from the community


Thanks. I already do that monthly.


any chance we can get the emotes/smilies/little icon thingies to be fixed up? when i attempt to make most of the smilies have a brown color, i get a ? mark.


:smile:t5: smiling
:frowning:t5: frowning
:facepunch:t5: facepunch works
:dancer:t5: dancer works

Ta :beers:


Anybody else on mobile see their “unread posts” page look all fragmented like this?


^Not on my end.

Also, this might be common knowledge for most, but I just realized that the “latest” link in the dropdown works the same as the “new” link in the old forum. I was just using “new” and “unread” and thought this place was totally dead the last week or so. My mind is blown. Time for bed, I will plunge into the rabbit hole of threads I had no idea existed a bit later.


Thanks @Psyber for sorting the “orange fade” thing!!!


I believe RFJ was having a similar issue, not really sure it is something we can track down.


Maybe a cache thing? Isn’t elektronauts the same type of forum software?

@nostromer Does it do it there?


Yes, elektronauts uses the same software. It could also easily be the browser app or the phone software? I have no idea. Some of this small stuff that only affects a few people we don’t have the resources to track down, unfortunately.


Oh it’s not a big issue at all, was just curious if it was happening to anyone else lol. No biggie.


Yea, like I said, RFJ had something similar happening. But it has just been you two so far :frowning: