Feedback and help from the community

Thanks. I already do that monthly.


any chance we can get the emotes/smilies/little icon thingies to be fixed up? when i attempt to make most of the smilies have a brown color, i get a ? mark.


:smile:t5: smiling
:frowning:t5: frowning
:facepunch:t5: facepunch works
:dancer:t5: dancer works

Ta :beers:

Anybody else on mobile see their “unread posts” page look all fragmented like this?

^Not on my end.

Also, this might be common knowledge for most, but I just realized that the “latest” link in the dropdown works the same as the “new” link in the old forum. I was just using “new” and “unread” and thought this place was totally dead the last week or so. My mind is blown. Time for bed, I will plunge into the rabbit hole of threads I had no idea existed a bit later.


Thanks @Psyber for sorting the “orange fade” thing!!!

I believe RFJ was having a similar issue, not really sure it is something we can track down.

Maybe a cache thing? Isn’t elektronauts the same type of forum software?

@nose Does it do it there?

Yes, elektronauts uses the same software. It could also easily be the browser app or the phone software? I have no idea. Some of this small stuff that only affects a few people we don’t have the resources to track down, unfortunately.

Oh it’s not a big issue at all, was just curious if it was happening to anyone else lol. No biggie.

Yea, like I said, RFJ had something similar happening. But it has just been you two so far :frowning:

I do not have such a problem…

Oooh… thanks for the tip… i’ve been suffering the same delusion apparently.

It makes total sense in hindsight. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is 100% not a promise, but we have someone helping us come up with a better front page.


I actually don’t mind anything on the forum at the moment, personally. Short and sweet. I never even noticed a “fade” issue happening but that’s been fixed and I can find what I need to find pretty easily, via mobile.

Look up the studio to see if there is any new stuffs, look up the activity threads for continuations, and as to the coloring of everything…Strikes a similarity to the old stuffs. Obviously if you guys wanted to put your own touches to imagery, I wouldn’t be against it. Like IMDf all different fonts and stuffs, or even add in some templates(if even possible) for a “light” version to go with the darker original, that’d be sweet. but I like already.

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to whoever’s in charge of the bandcamp page, I just noticed a typo in the text column on the right

Full back catalogue availanble at


I’m not in charge of the bandcamp, but I fixed it. Funny catch, I’m surprised I never caught that myself XD. I even glossed over everything. Thanks Lug!

Theres No classifieds section for people looking to exchange music hardware?

Not that I have any…might be useful for others though

Also Not sure if that was a decision or just something that was forgotten about

It’s not bug it’s a feature…

(Good point, but there isn’t much activity on the old forum anyway)

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I’d be curious to know if any sales actually ever went down in the classifieds, it was very low traffic.

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