BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


@aSSerbik Yeah, the poll makes it way easier. You’d have to ask @theusername24 why he didn’t set one up.

Feel free to create one tho if it’s that phase. I try to always make the track listing (which as well, if I don’t do it, anyone is free to set that up too). I think now it’s a bit late, and I’m about ready to go ahead and say @Vulpes has the win on this one.


I’m gonna ahead and go say @Vulpes has won this one!


Well Done @Vulpes



Hi chaps. Let me start with this! It is HARD, really HARD to pick, it’s all great!
But I know it is battle so here I go:)

Tsachi - 3hr acid break does it for me :wink:

But it was difficult to chose one.

Hope I’ll get some time to enter next battle. Keep up great work everybody!


Hang on a moment. I might be out of the hot seat for multiple reasons, one of them being cray. Let me get IO’s approval on the matter.

On the matter of voting, I still have not been able to hear anything, but last I recall I was leaning (again) to anti-gravity’s track for what difference that makes.


i reckon we should start putting the voting period in the first post like we used to. That way when midnight rolls around on whatever day, we just tally the votes and move on. eh?


Yeah, it was a little vague. I was trying to track it mentally, but still I was mixing up this and that date.


OK, so with the last vote, it creates a tie between @Tsachi and @Vulpes.

I have spoken with Vulpes, who would like to concede the win to Tsachi, which means



jfc really


based on last time

makes your win even more hilarious.


lol …


OK so when you ladies decide whos taking the crown ping me…or shall I carry the 2 fingers up your 'oles to BB102.
Vote lol

  • Tscahi gets the finger 2
  • Vulpes gets the finger 2
  • BB101 gets to finger BB102

0 voters


Vulpes votes to not inherit the prize so all votes in that category are invalid.


I’ll get the thing going soonish. I’m on vacation still eat my ass.


Jesus… This is super OT but I always thought your profile pic was some barbaric dude wearing fox ears and facing right, but I just clicked it and now see that it is a furry critter.


I can see you sitting on the beach sipping a drink with a little umbrella in it, a butler carrying a telephone on a silver platter approaches. You angrily pick it up, briefly put it to your ear, and then slam it down again and pull out your phone to compose this post.


Changed it just for you.

Ok so now that I am back (post thread mortem), I gather @aSSerbik , @mnkvolcno , & @tsachi for the votes. I’ll have to agree w/ my comment before about @aSSerbik probably because I’m a sucker for masking underlying chords & tones.

For example when it first start up, he’s blaring a high D, A, & G# which are assumed as tonic, 5th & aug4th respectively. Then the beat comes in, he drops the D & throws a low C# on there, making A & G# the min6th & 5th respectively. For someone like me who’s trying to interpret this with synesthesia it’s like looking at a orange/dull-pink canvas & then suddenly it’s a pale blue.

It doesn’t stop there. 1:55 rolls around & he throws in an G the aug4th of C#(min from the faint sound of E notes I gather) dancing around the previous 2 notes. (high)G A G# works because of the chaos of the tune while normally 3 adjacent chromatic notes like that would clash.

Soon after he brings in C, the leading tone just to tell you that the scale here is harmonic, completing the scale. Did I read into this too much?: probably. I’ve always felt like I’ve over-interpreted loads of Ae tunes for their chord structures when those BrownBooths probably were just punching some noises out when a couple together sounded ok.

anti-gravity, if you make me vote for you 3 times in a row, you go to jail.


I can see that lol I’ve decided that is exactly how it happened lol


@Vulpes, you only get one vote.


lol this new pic has completely changed my perception of you. by the way, i was debating voting for your track but I ended up being a sucker for the goofier stuff as usual. But yours was excellent.