BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


Did Tsachi win?

In that case - congrats on the win!

Offering him the prize would be most fair imo, - since he’s also taking on the next one.

Unless he doesn’t want it for some reason, of course, - in which case passing it on to the next battle is also fine.

PS : I also thought that @Vulpes 's avatar looked like a bearded man with fox ears, - but noticed that, at closer inspection, it was simply a fox. I thought the effect was intentional, though, and intepreted it as some kind of furry/otherkin type of cos-play. I actually liked the idea of a bearded guy wearing fake fox ears in the studio.

Like these ones, for example:

In my opinion you should definitely consider ordering a pair of those!


Yeah. I mean, I know enough theory and probably could’ve broken everything apart after the fact and come to similar conclusions. But I certainly wasn’t thinking about any of that when I was making it. I simply got pretty inspired by this set up I had going (TB03, Volca Sample, Boog, DFAM, SQ1, Analog Drive) and I ended up jamming on it for a couple of days, recording like 3 or 4 different sessions. But I kept them all to the same BPM and key. At the end, I dumped it all in the same project and picked the best bits. Which I probably shouldn’t have done. I’m trying to focus on making simple tracks. Just picking one idea and riding it and keeping things fairly minimal. But I just kept coming up with cool stuff and then got kind of overwhelmed again with what to focus on. There’s enough crap from those session to probably make an EP of this kind of stuff. I might actually make another track from all the leftovers. But I definitely failed miserably, as far as what I set out to do. Like, I’ve been listening to a ton of Alien Rain lately and this dude has some tracks where it’s just the same acid line that doesn’t stop, kick, and a hat. And that’s pretty much it. And he just rides that riff for 6 minutes and it sounds great. I have a hard time doing things like that, so I’m going to try focusing on that kind of stuff. But in any case, I still like the way the track came out in the end, so it’s all good. Some of the melodic craziness is due to the fact that some patterns are of odd lengths. I also spent some time shifting patterns around by 8/16th notes in either direction. And like you said, things didn’t sound wrong to me because it’s kind of chaotic and those chromatic notes are octaves apart. Plus, I like a bit of dissonance (thanks to all the years of listening to metal and math rock), so it all sounded pretty pleasing to me.

Thanks for the feedback.


literally what everyone says when they win the beat battle and realize they have to host XD


never ye mind. I’ve developed a mindset metaphorical to preparing food. I’m now attempting to create an OK meal that completes to feed a person instead of the perfect meal that I can’t finish. Can I improve the OK meal? Yes, but I’m calling it done so I can move on.

I have a resting perv/angry face & I can dev a nice beard in 2 months, but I get a feeling wearing animal gear might just make me start bleeding severe cringe.

SoML: Story of My Life


new battle is live
also giv me the plugin plz


how do you go from this to Beat Shitstain Dogshit Motherfucking Battle 102


Hey Tsachi - drop me a pm and ill send the license transfer to you :slight_smile: All ready to go. Cratulations.

PS No one PMd me…I dont get email notifications unless some one PMs me for 2 fingers up their fecking starfish :sunny:


Cheers Tsachi. Emailed zou the license transfer codes bud. Enjoz zour finger banging. :eyes::v:


Sounds like a genuine fakex twin track slight grin Tussin it out an acidic window


LMFAO dont racall seeing this post - bottom line, go fuck a goat I guess - at least 1/2 is true to the core ideology :slight_smile: