BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


Armrest - I like the novel minimalist approach and very beat battle styli - that vocal sample the voive sounds so familar lol.

aSSerbik - INteresting acid lines, works so well.

BFK - THe most out there production. Sounds complex on the drum patterns. Not too sure personally on the acid vibe, buit I do get it some what. Loving the pad line.

IO Madness - Nice simple acid line and loop progression. Acid lounge.

MFXxx - I really wish I had my home rig when i dont this, so much went wrong that got lost in translation on the earbuds!
@IO_Madness I USED Roland Clouds 303, only thing I could reach for whilst travelling, got their 30 day demo on a dummy email account.

mnkvolcno - a nice perverted acid slab of headanistic beats. Really works well as the track progresses, with some nice break work. Nice to see some song structure/ Well done.

theusername24 - nice production work. Mental lines and chords, certinaly BOC meet at Aphex whilst tripping on lsd filled sponges and the ravers come out undersea. This isa real grower track. Wished it was finished.

Tsachi - Nice clean beats. Mad little acid lines. Great build are The Chems in the building? Solid work my friend. Great production work. Cowbell love you x

TvMcC - Wasnt too sure which way this was heading. Had some D&B vibeness at the start, some hints of Bomb the Bass, beat dis. Nice low down break and bass build. This is a really well thought out production, good good work.

Valk - A nice build into a 4 by 4 break. Feel this is unfinished and could have bveen executed better. I like it. More cowbell x

Vulpes - Chilly start. Psy were Goa’ing! Really nice acid line. Lovely. This really feels out of sorts for beat battle and should be better suited as an album sub.

Theres a lot of IDMF spirit kicking around in these subs. Not sure why I subbed, but hell the competition is great.

@Admins - we are acid - we need an acid album released. I know there some mad mofo’s out, with some insane setups ready to bleep, blip and tweak their tits off! :slight_smile:

For me its close between Vulpes, Tsachi, mnkvolcno and theusername24 so much potential cut off in its prime.

Voting Tsachi. All round for me it meets the beat battle legacy and production. All very close imho.


gotta pick one.

Has everyone voted?


Lol that would be at me, Jayson, Creepr, and/or Nostromer. We are your netlabel team now.

That said, an acid album would be a kick-ass idea as we do want to open the label up to more genres and we’re fresh off a house release. We have a few albums in the oven right now with BB100 and then we have another individual artist release (or a few, not exactly sure on timing) before we can do anything else. And we have at least 2 cool ideas sitting on the back burner right now. We probably don’t have time to even open a submissions thread until mid-late September, and idk if this can go through this year, but we will absolutely keep an eye on the schedule and see when we can squeeze this in.


Ah cheers JP I had no idea of how the land lied, as you know and likely recall my email Aug 2018. Im hectic this side of the keyboard :slight_smile:


No worries, I recall. Things have gotten more hectic here lately as well!


That would be sick, an acid release? Definitely would submit.


The bass was two basses one was treated with high pass filter with some distortion and vocodex with the bandwidth being automated eq,ed, combined the dry signal of the low end with the wet signal of the mid to freq, to a single buss and automated high pass filter
the other bass was a bass patch with just diif oscillators being run through different filters band pass and bandstop automating the volume of the the diff oscillators ran through and automated it with another high pass.

Both basses where sent to a buss where they were sidechained to the kick the volume input for both basses were automated, eqed it and once again ran it through a high pass filter

Both basses were made with sytrus via sampling the waveform of a sample and weird tunings no granular synthesis for the bass elements, just automating and micro edits of automation of various parameters

The pads on the other hand the first pad was made using adsr of a band pass filter and power chords and delay blur with toxic biohazard…and for the second pad granular synthesis timestrech tuning eqing and reverb

The acid line is split into two layers the stabby low end and the resonant automated mid range


@Vulpes gets my vote

Not the most complex or technical, SO HARD TO CHOOSE

just by gut, it’s a track I can imagine at an acid rave where I’m from, it’s simple enough to not cause a bad trip, but has enough flavour to help you see the 7th dimension

really does it for me

absolutely fucken fantastic musicians in this thread
Acid release yes please


@st3aLth, is that
@bfk or @theusername24?


bfk bfk bfk bfk bfk bfk


it appears to be a three way tie… oh baby. vulpez, bfk, tsachi


you ain’t


lol you’re right! I’ll vote mnk




According to my count, I have:
aSSerbik - 1
Vulpes - 2
Tsachi - 2
bfk - 2
mnk - 1
Leaving it a tie between Vulpes, Tsachi and bfk.


We need more votes! Or @theusername24 can decide between those three, as the host, to break the tie, as we should get this moving.


I will vote, but I will not be able to review the tracks for another 2 days. Saturday hopefully. Also chances are I am going to bring someone else into the tie.


OK, so please bear in mind I just saw this and listened to bfk, Tsachi, and Vulpes’ tracks. Of the three, I liked Vulpes’ the most because it took straight acid to start and then mixed it up in a really easy to digest way and was just a nice twist on a classic formula for me.

bfk, yours was interesting and you as ever, and the incorporation of acid sounds into that was a great way to play into the beat battle.

Tsachi, yours was mind bending (and I mean that in the best way), and I can definitely hear the acid in there, but it just goes a bit hard for me tonight. It probably would’ve been my favorite like 2 hours ago.

So use my vote for Vulpes if it helps. Or if you don’t think it should count because I was listening to light jazz 20 minutes ago and I only listened to 3 tracks you can ignore it.


@Vulpes in the lead with 3 votes!


Everyone has good tracks :fire::fire::fire:


I already voted for Tsachi up there, if that wasn’t counted. Why are we doing this manually, when we have a poll feature? Just need to make it public (next time).