BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


incomplete but i figure im not going to be submitting this time around. you’ve all some really great submissions thus far! hoping some more will join in before closing tonight!


No you wouldn’t, it’s just the laws of physics reinvented by some dude rather than all the other pillars of science.


Are you now the artist formerly known as InDefianceOfGravity?


The pillars of science were also just some dudes. Don’t hide your light under a bushel :fairy:


I call it a waste of time. Spending a lifetime proving what we already know isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. Only if it incorporated some new data, not just the same data re-observed by another person. Besides, the work required would be monumental, and a waste of time. It’d be like a rerun of all the knowledge and work already completed in physics, and you end up right where you started, except now it’s thousands of years later.


Sort of. Putting that project on hold for now (again). Need a change of pace for a while. And that moniker doesn’t work so well as a forum handle anyway, so I figured I’d change it to something more appropriate to my level of maturity.


Science is not about proving anything, but about dis-proving existing theories (and coming up with new ones).

If no-one had dared question Aristotle and the Catholic church at the end of the dark ages, people would stil believe that our planet constitutes the center of the universe - and that all things revolve around us.

Questioning “what we know” is, in my opinion, not a waste of time at all. In fact, it might be the smartest thing we can possibly do.


Lol columbia and sony records just copyrighted sinewaves, anyways is the deadline up yet can we vote now


i have to say the quality of the submissions has been really high lately.

Imma have to vote for Tsachi. Can’t resist the unexpected direction he took it in, when that slow 808 beat came in I was already onboard.


Word on both counts, so another vote for Tsachi. Killer track and bonus points for using only the provided samples.


Hey @Vulpes, your preview track disappeared.


I updated this post back on the duedate instead of submitting a new post. FLAC for submitting, MP3 for previewing. That post should be functioning properly.


It seems ok on my phone. I was making the list of tracks so I’ll update the link when I’m free. I’m about to watch a Broadway version of Tommy, by The Who at a local performance center.


Some random comments:

bfk/XVF: I like the sharpness of this. Great synth-pads/drones! Bass and drums have been skillfully weaved into some kind of single Jenkinsonian organism. Impressive stuff.

TvMcvC: This one feels like hip hop. The room effects on it creates and illusion like the music coming out of a portable speaker box (or perhaps that 's just my imagination). The composition is pleasingly disorientating, but without losing the feeling of the music happening in a real location, keeping it grounded. I like the unco,pressed/ open dynamics on this

VALK: The extreme sub bass frqs. are very loud in the mix un my speakers. Better on headphones. The ”robot-like” beat programming and gloomy pads is giving me science fiction associations. I can’t decide if the mood is happy or not. The ambivalence is interesting.

Vulpes: I did not expect home-made fox-shaman vocal recordings in an acid competition. I like it, though! The beat style is pretty hard-hitting, creating a nice contrast to the chanting. It would be interesting to hear the vocals faded up instead of down at the very end (ending the track in a sudden abrupt crescendo instead).

MFXX: Using the samples/slices straight ahead works well. Hypnotic intro! Mushroom Man! Ha ha! The energy build up in this is intense!

Mnkvolcno: Some nice elaborate drum variations here. The multilayered percussion towards the end is brilliant.

Tsachi: Some wild sub bass frqs. on this too (perhaps my subwoofer is too sensitive?). Simpler than most of the other tracks, probably due to being made in a hurry, but it stil works - like a hammer drill.

IO_madness: Wonderful 303 sound here. I like the patient minimalistic approach of the composition, but it could perhaps have benefited from stretching out into an even longer duration. The track reminded me of Plastikman’s “Consumed” album (which I remember as good).

Asserbik: I like the crunchy sound in the intro and the bass melodies throughout. The very active basslines fit the straightforward drum-programming very well! The end effects “swell” could be even more dramatic/dynamic (especially with more headroom in the mix).

theusername24: Some nice out of tune synth work here. The Asian style pentatonic stuff at the end feels nice and homey. If you finish it later on, I’d love to hear a full version!

The range of expressions/styles in this battle is truly impressive!

I vote for bfk’s track.

BB99 - Limp Bizkit Fever

The entries:


aSSerbik (formerly known as InDefianceOfGravity)











11 entries! I’m blown away.
Will take me a day or so to listen to them all and decide propers

@Armrest agree on the mixdown, i kind of like it that way but it’s honest truth, it’s not a good mix unless on headphones - or you’re a bass addict. Yeah I can’t decide if I’m hopeless, or an unstoppable force of happiness
so the ‘mood is happy or not’ cuts deeper than it should have, appreciate the comment

fucken yeetus this battle turned out really nice, big proud great job everyone!
Even you, lurker, for bumping the thread with clicks


Armrest - Armrest Acid:
Interesting light, fluffy, drifting acid, and kinda random.

aSSerbik - Breaking Lucy:
I like the low bass synth at the beginning, once the acid starts kicking in >:) Lots of cool acid goodness. Reminds me of some old school trance… man… I really miss trance, honestly… lol. Cool track, could definitely get into this at a rave. Cool stuff!

bfk - Fakex Twin:
I like the cool, glitchy/granular bass. With the pad it creates a nice, cool, calming mind journey. Calm exterior with a precision, methodical core.

MFXxx - Mushroom Man:
I’ve always liked my mushrooms. What did you use for the 303 sounds out of curiousity? Some cool stuff. A nice driving acid track.

Like that acid line, strange and funky! Goes really well with the breaks too! Perfect combo. Bad ass!

I like the acid mixed with the calmer set, reminds of Cock/Ver10. Would like to hear it finished!

Tsachi - 3 Hr Acid Break:
This track is really fun, is all I gotta say. Bouncy and rubbery acid fun. Makes me want to jump up and get down!

TvMcC - Pluot:
Liking the distorted synth. I once did a concept album with inspiration from Holst’s, “The Planets”, in which I made an album with a song for every planet in the solar system (this was before Pluto was demoted, so Pluto was definitely on there… admittedly, I probably would’ve put it on anyway cuz PLUTO WILL ALWAYS BE A PLANET IN MY HEART). I also did a track for Planet X, which actually is kinda how the whole project started… anywho.
I’m liking the kinda soundtracky take to this, very visual kinda sounds, I like the weird effects and noises, also the big bass with the drum line. Nice track! Like the more visual take on it.

Valk - Unstoppable:
Like the synths you used in place of a 303. Good acid track considering you didn’t have a 303 sound. kinda dirty and grimy, garage style. nice!

Vulpes - Horned Oryx of Wicca:
Love the chanting. Love the constant build of the track, and the trance style builds and break downs. Really like the energy of the track. Dig it!

I think my vote for this battle is going to @aSSerbik. Cool trance acid vibes, totally could totally feel that track at a club or rave.

Runners up: @Vulpes, @mnkvolcno, and @Tsachi. All also great tracks, loved them all!


Thanks! I admit I did want to take the track further, but I was kinda running up against the deadline. I actually stayed up until 4 in the morning getting it finished lol when I had to leave for a trip at 10! I knew i wouldn’t have a chance to work on it once I left, so I wanted to make sure to get something in! I do want to extend it out further with more percussion and everything. I may come back to it.


I vote for Vulpes


bfk, theusername24