BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


Beat Battles are famous for last minute hail mary’s.


Horned Oryx of Wicca

flac premaster:


I spent today on it. You think I’d know acidtechno better from all those years living off of Orbital. I decided to put in w/e I felt like at the time & it is probably full of poor decisions. Ironically the thing I dislike the most is rule#2 the break. I used the James Brown Funky Drummer for a short while. Please tell me if this is no longer A.T. I literally had to have the wiki page open as well as 1hr mixes on YT because I was so clueless.

I want more supporting sounds in there & maybe I will append to it later. Yes that is my voice BSing the entire song because I didn’t want to think of what inst voice to pair it to. Maybe I’ll throw some hiQ on it if it sounds nice.

Originally picked the 909, made a beat, didn’t like. Loaded the samples into Battery, made a better beat, then threw my 1st beat in there because F it. Sounds ok, originally had the idea to use the Locrian scale because I hate it & thought I could get away with bad harmonies in this genre. Did not work.


I like it @Vulpes. I really dig the vocal chanting, it sounds nice with the acidy synth. Reminds me a bit of Juno Reactor.


OK so firstly apart from earbuds I have absolutely no idea how this sounds… So hoping it translates OK to you guys. The listeners.

Some acid fun done on laptop.
Asio drivers and earbuds.
303 Roland cloud x 2
808 sample pack
Vocals by MFXxx
I3 4gb laptop
Old akool style.
Hopefully enjoyable.
Fun making it. :blush:

Bottom line labour of love to download. Compose. Grab required tools all on a mobile​:iphone: WiFi. Not a lot of fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



m o a r beets please sirs i have an irony shortage


Man, this is a cool thread!

That MFXxx wants to give the winner The Finger makes it perfect :grin: haha!

Seriously though, it looks like a really nice piece of kit!

Thanks. Downloaded it and gave it a spin.

It sounds all right to me, but it sorely lacks a fine-tune or a pitch-bend function (the “tune” function is semitones only). Even within a normal A=440Hz tempered scale, I’ll usually want to fine-tune the oscillator “looking for the sweet spot”. It is possible to use the “key trk” function to achieve smaller intervals (less than semitone), but for fine-tuning purposes, it’s not exactly an easy workaround.


I’m gonna try to put something together with my TB-03


Im giving the deadline an additional day. Thus, the BB will end 8/16 at 11:59 PM EST - this is to allow for additional changes anyone wishes to make, and in the hopes that more people will participate!


lol here’s my stupid ass track


I made this in 3 hr, starting at about 7

fyi only samples were used


lol i fucking love this.


uploaded a new version of my track… might mess with it a bit more tomorrow. a couple of things I want to do but not sure I’ll get to it.


@mnkvolcno @7asid

Both of those tracks are awesome!


Won’t be able to work on this tomorrow probably as I’m gonna be driving for a good portion of the day to visit family. I present:


I can totally get that, the trying-to-make-everything-so-I-can-be-more-original thing. You start with, “ I don’t want to use stock loops so I’ll find some musicians and record it myself”. Then it’s, “I don’t want to record other people, I want to play everything myself”. Until finally it gets to, “I don’t want to play these instruments, anyone can buy these. I’m gonna make my own!”. Then, you’re so busy reinventing how a snare drum according to your own reworked version of the laws of physics that you’ve completely forgotten that all you needed to do was make some music!





quoted the wrong post here. sorry.


I’d like to hear that as well, actually.