BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


because that track is 7 months old.

i’ll be writing something fresh for this beat battle.


Ah didn’t check but did wonder :slight_smile: hell regurgitation for projects in BBs are always inspiring and vice versa.


@Vulpes Vulpes


My music machine had problems w/ it as well so I extracted it (on another machine) & recompressed it into a tar.gz.

Thanks for this works as a download and 7zip gets the files. :slight_smile:

Missed this post so thank you…huge help.

PS A week extenstion would be fab, but no worries if not…only cause im away from home till the 18th. :slight_smile:


Submissions should be based on the samples so an old track wouldn’t be allowed, unless you reworked it with the samples… but still… the whole fun of beat battles is to make something on this crunch of time, it goes against the spirit of the battles.


Another link if needed


I love acid! Tab, thumb prints, doses, the whole damn crystal! no blotter please, stuffs pretty dirty usually!

for this tune I used the toms of the 808 to create some pads, and the moog for my acid bas/lead.

not sure if its’ cheating , but i also used some of all of the kits?


I too lived for 27 years,
next door to Alice
or was it a moment
transcendental, realization that
all life is fractal

The only sounds in this track not from the sample pack are the main kick’s low end that drops in (some free analog kick vst) and 3 Operator patches (the spicy Acid mainline, the wide-panned assistant of it and the later subtle pad in the atmosphere)

Love the soundpack, I hope you enjoy :sunny:


that is really sick but bro I don’t think we were supposed to use synths… Unless I’m mistaken. in which case i’ma do it too lol.


all synths are go. the rules regard percussion are the only things expected : )


I do apologise if I misunderstood this whole battle. I did only use 1 machine,but also used a few hits from each kit.

As well as tried to get all of the breaks in 1 way or another. If I broke the rules we can toss this thing out no problem.

Once again my sincerest apologies


ah crapp… just reread the rules. for what it’s worth I have been diagnosed with ADHD. shrug

well, I definitely spent way too much time repeatedly processing an 808 kick drum to use as the oscillator in a acid patch lol.


Like @theusername24 mentioned I think the rules meant we gotta use the percussion from the packs, but we are free to use whatever synths

Acid house always seems to have them high resonance (i think they come from a 303? unit?) filter synths so I tried making one with Operator

If rule breakages have been made it’s up to Host to point it out I think, If I broke one I’m sorry!

@mnkvolcno I don’t think you broke the rule if you used the 808 to make the acid melody/bassline for rule #3

My take on rule number 2 was that we must use 1 break, or more (is that sensible?)

I did make the samples provided the core of my percussion but also struggle with a short attention span and kind of cram everything when I make a track so I’m not really sure if the 808/909/RX-5 are really still considered the ‘core’ of my track

tl;dr I might have broken rule 1, rule 2 I interpreted as 1 or more, rule 3 I saw and made my melody patch with Operator (any free synth would do too, acid flows from those high resonance distortion events)
Up to @theusername24, if there’s something I should change spam it there’s till 2 days left :stuck_out_tongue:


Beat battle rules tend to unfold in the voting in my personal 4 year plus experience here :wink:

Goddam im on an i3 laptop with limited resources. no soundcard, asio driver, headphone buds for monitoring and mixing heheh…

SIgned up to ROlands CLoud 30 day trial for the 303 source and sucked up some vocais on the phone and inserted into the track. Still work in progress hoping to get this done on time…i hope. Basic old skool break beat battle acid on its way. Loving the subs so far. Great BB peeps. Fabulacid…


:palm_tree:Armrest Acid:ear_of_rice:

Armrest (rest rest rest)

Armrest (rest rest rest)

Armrest - Ready to Rock n’ Roll

Ready to Rock n’ Roll
Ready to Rock n’ Roll

Ready to Rock n’ Roll

It’s pretty easy
I’m not a mechanic (I’m not you know)
I just got tired of looking at it looking crazy
So - Hit me up!

Armrest (rest rest rest)

Armrest (rest rest rest)

This one uses the James Brown ”Funky President” sample and three of the 909 samples (kick and hihats). It also features the Yoos BL 303 with a TAL Dub 2 echo effect on it (both excellent free VSTs in my opinion). No other samples used, except the voice, which is from the following Youtube-video about fixing the armrest in a Dodge Charger (an American automobile):


Love the TAL Dub 2, all the TAL free vst’s are great

For Ableton users here’s the free M4L kick I used

modelled on the Roland TR-808

which is a happy coincidence I guess, great device

Youtube of it

@MFXxx glad you’re still able to make beats, good luck and have fun :smiley:


indeed… Yea i don’t think it’s against the rules I just mean that I could’ve just used a synth straight away :wink:


It’s the royal blood in you, it’s in all of us
it makes you want to go deeper
it’s a personal choice, how deep you want to go

  • granular synthesis from generated pure tones, sure
  • sampling
  • construction kits
  • stems

All are valid components or starting points for a song/track

I don’t judge, but do respect any amount of technique applied because originality, the creative flair comes from how you personally use those elements

I tried to make a song using only generated sounds before, so that nothing in my song ‘isn’t my own’ but that just kinda made me insane and didn’t lead to any useful result because it’s so much more work to craft a sound that a human can relate to

please do excuse the rant, don’t really have people to talk to about this stuff there’s only you IDMheads
love ya @mnkvolcno big boi respect for sampling :heart:

win or lose, there is only try


Considering how little submissions we have, I am considering extending the end submission date (if that’s allowed) by about another week or two…


I’ve got one that I’ll be posting in the next couple of days. We still have 2 days left, so we might get a few more.


true words.

Your tracks is banging btw, and also it’s nice to see you back in the BB’s :sunglasses: