BB 113 - Nihonium


yeah it was an interesting but frustrating challenge to create a pitch and be able to scale it up and down in the expected fashion with a sampler. I was trying to avoid just doing a resonance bump sine wave with no harmonics so i’d work on bumping the predominant pitch on a sound but preserving as much of its texture and timbre as much as i could but then the harmonics would get so muddied up that i’d get a C, play it three semitones down and get anything but an A etc etc. Part of why i focused on minimal harmonic/melodic movement and more on the timbral interplay


I can’t remember what chords i used lol. It’s like Fm 11 to GbMinor7 or something. I’ll figure it out later gotta run atm. :wink:


this is nice man, I’m digging the chill vibe. Love the downtempo/chill out style (always one of my fav genres). I would totally throw this on in the cool down lounge of a rave.


ay thank you for the kind words sir.


We have something like one more day!


if @Tsachi submits something we’ll have 7.

I can’t believe it. We’ve got enough subs to line them all up in a post like the good old days :cry:



And yeah, let’s make it 7 @Tsachi!!

If we do this 5 times, it’ll be incredible!


Alright, well, we’ve passed the deadline. No last minute from @Tsachi?!?


I’m gonna go ahead and start this since @Tsachi seems to be out somewhere…









The Off-Topic Thread

And remember, no voting for yourself :wink:


I don’t think people shouldn’t be allowed to vote for themselves. With that said, I never vote for myself, and also, because we don’t often have lots of participants it could make voting more difficult, but I figure it’s their vote, if that’s what they want to do, that’s their prerogative.

I do think imo that it’s more sportsmanlike to cast a vote for someone other than oneself tho.


Oh, I thought it was straight up a rule. I think it should be.


We can open that up in the Discussion thread (for anyone who’d like to chime in: Beat Battle Discussion).

EDIT: Just to clarify all this for others, we currently have no rule addressing whether someone can vote for themselves, so pop in the discussion thread to discuss!)


love it when it’s a tough choice like this :sunglasses:


lol people can vote for themselves… only if the voting isn’t anonymous so then we can see their dirty deed. I voted for myself on beat battle five was it? Can’t remember.

This was a tough one though, nice job everyone. Keys be damned! My thing isn’t done yet but I’ll be posting it late, obvious disqualification.



Got a good kick out of the samples. What’d you do for that? I like the hollow, wooden flute/organ sound. The high noises are cool too. cool housey/chill experimental vibe. dig it.


For the kick, I used the spectral filter in izotope Iris to filter down one of the keyboard sounds to basically a sine wave, found a clean portion to one shot. Then I took a modulation envelope to coarse pitch, which pitched the whole sample in semitones and sounded like garbage until I put the master filter on it. Added some resonance to the filter and another envelope to hide most of the pitch change artifacts and add some oomph in the low end. Then put another envelope on master gain to control dynamics separately. All three envelopes are really snappy with at most a few milliseconds of attack just to put them out of phase with each other. All three have decays around 80-200 milliseconds, no sustain.


Ok I voted. That was a really difficult choice. They were all very good, great sound design and ideas all around.


Got 7 hours until voting closes! Get your votes in!!


I think this is the key of A min??? Chords are: Gmin6, F#min7, Emin6, D#dim7 (also known as D#min7b5), Dmin7, Emin7, Amin/E (Amin first inversion), Cmaj7 third inversion. Second half of pattern exchanges F#min7 with Fmaj7 followed by Fmin, the D#dim7 is exchanged with a D#min7, and the last two chords are Fmaj7 followed by a Gmaj6.

Oh, looks like I already got a stupid fucking bot comment on the track too.