BB 113 - Nihonium


man professor music theory over here!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

well it’s strange tho because LOOKING FOR A HOOKUP WITH A RANDOM STRANGER is right when it got lit with the dope snare coming in. seriously tho, very nice.


maybe people like to hook up with random strangers when there are dope snares playing?


I always seem to get at least one bot follower and a like whenever I upload a track to SC. It’s funny, there’ll be no listens yet, but the bot account will have liked it and started following me already lol.




Congrats @mnkvolcno! :slight_smile: Well deserved!

Great job to everyone else as well. Looking forward to the next one!


wooooo @mnkvolcno! congratulations on your winning track!!


alrighty! woohoo… I will have something up by the end of the day i reckon. thanks to everyone for participating. warms my heart.


ok just listening to this again and read your description,

I hate being “that guy” but you seem to at least some interest in music theory, so I’ma correct you on something.

D#dim7 is not the same thing as D#m7b5. a D#dim7 actually has a double flat 7. in other words:

D#dim7 = D F Ab Cb (B)
D#min7b5 = D F Ab C

sometimes people call min7b5 chords “half diminished chords” because they have a diminished 5th, but not a diminshed 7

haha oh yea, and Am/E is Am in second inversion


sick track tho for sure. I pretty much never use theory when i’m making a track, all just clicking in notes on the piano roll so i ain’t saying that it matters.


i thought that diminished chords just lowerd the 5th and anything above it. Apparently I have to review my music theory.


you’re not wrong.

There are diminished triads (3 note chords) and diminished 7th chords. With a triad, you don’t have a seventh, so you only need to flat the 5 indeed.



Damn you right. Diminished is the info I got from playing the chord into a chord identifier, that must be wrong then. It was also calling the inversions some other chords instead too because it doesn’t know how I’m using the chord as an inversion lol. I just think calling the chords by name is fun for some reason, so I can more easily point out when I hear a minor 6th in a song (which I absolutely love). Aphex uses minor 6 notes in melodies occasionally like in crying in your face and cilonen for example, plus I got a nice big minor 6 in my Blue Dream song on sc


I mean, I barely ever pay attention to precise chords. I know the theory, but as far as my ear is concerned, I mean, maybe I can recognize some simple things (that’s a fifth!), and I can hear something and play it back really well, but chords are not something I try to pick out, at least it’s not something I practice much.

If you played me some chord, I could probably tell you if sounded “minor-y” or “major-y”, but that’s about as far as I’d normally tell you. I really don’t follow music theory in music much, I should. I know when something sounds badass tho lol and I’m better with rhythm I think.

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve really thought about listening to music theory elements beyond (this has some nice bass and shrill highs). I always approach it from an engineer’s side. I definitely need improvement on that part.


@Tsachi @IO_Madness

hell yea, love that analord stuff.

it is fun to learn music theory stuff. IMO the main reason to do so is just to be able to categorize sounds that you like in your head. It’s easier to be like “I like the sound of a major one chord to a minor four chord (I - iv)” than it is to just try and remember “that cool chord progression” … also I think that the more people learn about theory, the more they realize it’s not as complex as they think it is.

Then there’s the other thing of whether you like to play stuff in or click it in. I’m funny because I’m a jazz musician, but I click 99% of everything into the piano roll and I never think about theory at all when I do it. DAW’s make it easy enough to get out what’s in your head. When I play an instrument, I will always end up playing some patterns that come form muscle memory, not entirely, but to some degree. When I click stuff into the piano roll, it comes straight out of my inner voice… unless it gets fucked up along the way lol.