BB 113 - Nihonium


I’ve been working on mine for a few days. Sounds are as done as they’re going to be and I’ve sketched out a 3-ish minute structure. Done most of the musical writing, started mixdown. Need to do automation to sell the different sections as different. Hopefully I can finish before my ears tire out tomorrow.


Looking forward to hearing it.

The struggle is real, good luck!


3 DAYS PEOPLE LET’S GET SOME MORE ENTRIES!!! (Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)


Well, here’s what I came up with…

Ended up being a nice excuse to learn Logic’s new sampler synths - this basically ended up devolving into a bunch of wavetable/granular synth sounds using the samples as sources. In retrospect, would have liked to keep one or two more recognizable samples. Also hoped to tighten a few more things and add more automation, but I got a work deadline that I need to get back to, so I think this is where I put my pencil down. Enjoy!

First two chords are a Bb maj9 and Eb maj7.


Glad to see you had time to work up a submission! :slight_smile:

A lot of really nice melodic and harmonic stuff going on here. Cool to hear an entry that really focuses on that sort of sound. :slight_smile:

Your drums turned out nice and crisp too. Good work there.

It’s heckin lit fam. haha!


As a friend of mine would say… It’s good enough for the girls we roll with. haha!


The content AI bots are getting too smart for their own good!


Nice!! A good track on time is better than better track late! lol Your submission is most welcome!

I’m liking the odd drums and bits, reminds me of more quirky/funky electronica like Mouse on Mars or Plaid. Cool exploring tools in Logic. Dig the track!


Lol so far only 7asid has been able to correctly identify their key


I honestly guessed at the scale, but you’re saying it’s not A#? That’s the key-iest key I felt, and I checked it with a synth. I had some minor thirds in there, so I guessed A# minor is it not A#?!?


In my defense, I’m a sample masher not a composer.


Hmm… if you’re checking that stuff out and feel like you’ve found discrepancies, you should at least let us know how you know and why.

(edit) I went back and checked the song… I think you’re right, So I’m going to try again. I’m not offended either, but I am bummed out that I missed the mark the first time.

I think maybe is in F#min. I’m fairly certain that is the base chord, not what I had described in my original post. I haven’t studied any theory for many years (i think about 15), so I don’t remember if other chords are going to affect the key of a composition. Let me know.


I mean, I’m not offended or anything lol chord and harmonic arrangement are nowhere in my mind when i’m making a track. if anything, it’s something i have to go back and try to determine from all the notes that ended up in the track. i try to listen for offnotes or weird changes, but generally i’m not thinking about notes beyond how they sound together lol.


It doesn’t really matter if the key you say is correct or not, doesn’t disqualify you. I am hearing plenty of 7 and 9 chords so the challenge is met for everyone so far.

IO is in the key of Gmin, makeuswhole is in the keys of C#min and then Bmin (nice 9 chords yo) and Faintbrush is in the key of G#maj, first two chords are some sort of Cmin+6+7 and C#maj. 7asid is in fact Fmaj7 and then it also goes into Fmaj7/A# (read as “F major 7 over A sharp”) which is super cool.

The method I used is I just play the chords I’m hearing with an instrument that is definitely in tune with A440.


idk man, i’m feeling an A# more than a G.

I mean, G minor and A# minor will have a bit of overlap, so it’s not too far off, but going off what I’d hear as a bass note I’d think A#/Bb.


Here’s my track. It didn’t end up great IMO. I just don’t have the dynamic control I want given the sample material for my bass sound, and something about the timing just feels janky. IDK what it is, there’s a nice amount of humanization in the parts that feel jankiest. I even played in the rhythm to get it right where I wanted, and still it just feels off. The kick is pretty dope though, proud of that.

Every individual sound was done in it’s own instance of Iris, except the hats where I did velocity to envelope amount to control the open/closed hats. I did a vamp between a d# major and minor 9th, and did some inversions with that. Not sure what key the song is in, but I used almost every black key, so it definitely isn’t C Major.


dang nice work everyone. Just realized i need to finish mine. derp.


Hey Tsachi, thanks for keeping us honest!

I’m sure it was Bb and Eb in my sequencer, but you are totaly right, my samples are all like a step and half flat. I guess I didn’t check the tuning when I was setting up the samples - just sorta plugged plugged bits in and made sure the layers were (mostly) in tune with the each other.


Thanks! I definitely love me some Plaid, but I had to look up Mouse on Mars, man they’ve got some cool stuff!


Yeah, they have some interesting and catchy stuff. I saw them live in Denver once! Personal fav albums are Idiology and Parastrophics.