What's behind your artist name?


I used Azul for a while
But it was shit
And my life went to shit
Then came Negazul


Hi all! I’m new here, and kind of new to forums.
So my stage name is cynthia verazie, which is a combination of my two last names veronica zietara.


dustrickx = dust / ricks from my birth/nickname stoffel hendrickx (stof is dutch for dust)
Atmapriya = my initiation name (it means he who is in liking with the spirit)
HenToPandit (Hen To Pan is Greek for all is one, pandit is a Vedic priest or mantra practitioner)
YNST= You Never Scene This
Tiger = my spirit animal and used to be my nickname when traveling, also the main character in my book

Unfinished Monkey Records derives from q scientific theory that mankind originated from a survived monkey embryo (explains the hairlessness and the need for culture to bridge the gap with instinct) Henceforth our slogan “creating to compensate lack of instinct”



Pretty straight forward. We party into the A.M. (edit: when i say we, I mean the dance scene, i’m a one man outfit)


apparently my artist name is a tar linux command…total coincidence


lol I figured you were a linux neckbeard who named yourself after it.


On the Contrary just an average jerkoff with average intelligence…


I have had an extreme change in artist name haha.
When I first joined these forums I was “NewWorldOrder”.
After this I was " Araphel Ben-Shachar" then “Araphel” and briefly “Atum Primra”.
All really horribly and cringe now looking back on it, and I had a very loose connection to them.
I was for a while going by my real birth name Ephraim, but I didn’t like that as my music name it felt personal, but unoriginal and connected to the present more than the future and past.
I am now going by “Ramxes”. I chose this name because it is what I have felt all of my life that I relate to. It is inspired by Ramses the Pharaoh, and I commited to the change after taking a dna test through 23&me that said I am actually related and a descendant of Ramses. the X in it to me gives it that futuristic look. It shows my ancestors from Egypt , who I am today, and I believe it carries with it a feeling of cyberpunk I love so much.


Lack of enthusiasm for monikers!
a friend in the army had nicknames for everyone.Rixtr stuck.



Short for arcsecond - "The angular measure of an object is usually expressed in degrees, arcminutes or arcseconds. Just as an hour is divided into 60 minutes and a minute into 60 seconds, a degree is divided into 60 arcminutes and an arcminute is divided into 60 arcseconds. To give you an idea of how small an arcsecond is, imagine the width of a dime as seen from 2 kilometers or 1 1/4 miles away.

1 degree = 1° = 1/360 of a circle

1 arcminute = 1’ = 1/60 of a degree

1 arcsecond = 1" = 1/60 of an arcminute = 1/3600 of a degree"

Like a lot of people I guess, I sometimes get lost in browsing Wikipedia articles - I start at just wanting to quickly look up some information on movies or recent events and tend to end up hours later on a random page about the moons of Pluto or the main exports of Nigeria for some reason …one of those times I stumbled upon the term arcsec and thought it sounded and looked cool, so I adopted it as my artist name.

My forum name, Redukt is obviously taken from the Einstürzende Neubauten song.


I’m from a city called Valencia, so I looked for a name similar to it, and found the word “valence.” It’s some sort of measurement of chemical bonds, also kind of suitable if people are drinking or whatnot at a gig!


That’s a neat name. Valence electrons are capable of bonding to new molecules that have other valence electrons. Kind of a cool analogy for collaboration or interesting genre and composition changes. sick!




Years ago (maybe ten-ish) I started making music as Digital Ghost (DG). No real significance to it, just thought it sounded cool (apparently there is a Tori Amos song called DG, something I don’t think I knew when I decided on the name, but maybe it was subliminal). I always though of DG as an outlet for making darker music, and so when I would write music that wasn’t dark, I was unsure if it really fit with DG and nothing ever came of it. I thought about doing a Devin Townsend / Strapping Young Lad sort of thing with DG and my own name, but it never felt quite right

I happen to be a big fan of horror games and gaming in general. When Dead Space came out, I played the heck out of it and LOVED it. A few years ago I was replaying it and there is character that says to you “make us whole again, Isaac”. I really liked this idea of things merging together to make a complete unit, and felt that it really resonated with my music and the sort of polarization I tended to see it in. I wanted to be able to make anything under one name and feel like it was valid and that if fit. I decided that it was the perfect name, a channel for anything that I might create, dark or not.

So yeah, I guess Make Us Whole made me (and my music) whole again. :slight_smile:


my MAN <3

Deadspace is one of my favorite games of all time. DS2, as well. Nice to see another Unitologist around here :wink:


Hell yeah! I couldn’t help but notice that your username is very close to Nostromo, I’m assuming you are also an Alien fan (Xeno-lab 2122 was a dead give away). That’s my favorite movie of all time and Giger’s alien is divine. :slight_smile:


Yep! I’m an Alien fangirl fiend. Good catch on the username, too. It is a play on Nostromo :wink:

Giger is my fav artist of all time as well.

You have good taste my good man!! :beers:

@makeuswhole I assume you’ve played Alien: Isolation ?? :smiley:


Oh Yeah! It was so much fun! It did such an incredible job of putting you in the alien world and recreating the tension of the original movie. The future-retro feel of all of the tools and equipment was perfect. And the music! Holy shit is it spot on! And its super challenging and terrifying! :exploding_head:

I could gab on and on about how much I love that game. I have been planning on picking it back up but have been so busy with music I really haven’t put too much time into games recently.

You have great taste as well, it’s cool to geek out with someone about all of my favorite things! :grin:

Speaking of Giger, have you seen anything for the game called scorn that’s coming out (hopefully) soon? It looks straight out of a Giger painting!


Oh man, haha I go way back with Scorn. I originally backed that project for like $300 in 2015? It’s been in development hell off and on, and the developers seem to always get an investor, make progress… then go silent. I have the Alpha still from a couple years ago, it’s rad.

I saw Ebb just showed it off at the Series X thingy though! I’m super pumped.

And yeah! The art style is straight HR Giger and Zdzislaw Beksinksi. (Which if you haven’t seen the latter’s work, it’s like a hellish nightmare version of Giger, brilliant).



Man I really wish Creative Assembly would make another one… but I think SEGA’s license with the franchise now that Disney owns 20th century might be all fucked up.

Could you imagine an Alien Isolation 2 where you play the role of a survivor at Hadley’s Hope during the outbreak prior to Aliens? Holy fuck that’d be incredible.