What's behind your artist name?


this is probably the most legit back story of them all tbh :stuck_out_tongue: <3


I’m tryna be cute and clever, and to disassociate myself from my previous artist name. Surprisingly nobody has ever had the gall to be as annoyingly meta ironic as me, according to discogs and spotify.


I was going by the Artist name lvrgrl
I really liked lover boy from the 80s and it seemed trendy and cool but I outgrew it quick. It didn’t feel authentic to me and I’m not a girl anymore. haha so now I go by my real name
Cassandra Gibbs


Mine is very stupid. I was working in a pub, and this really nasty flu went around each of the staff in turn. Me and a friend were trying who had brought it in to the pub in the first place and we established it was in fact me that was patient zero. I liked the way it sounded so I adopted it as an artist name.


devoted to sleeping apps, heraclitus, and richard d james’ dyslexia


He’s dyslexic? Where’d you hear this?


I’ve read a book series about painters. There was one about Miró. When he lived in Paris, his home was at Rue Blomet street. So I mixed up the words of Rue Blomet and then the result is: Reuvbolmet.


Started out as a reference to weed, but I tell everyone it’s because making music is my medicine. One time I (regrettably) played music at a wookfest and everyone knew what it really meant. A random guy gave me some shrooms just because of it too lmao


Back in the day mostly the police.