What's behind your artist name?


I have mostly been writing undr my real name.
Jayson Abalos.

However, I’m not Filipino and there is a Filipino celebrity Jason Abalos. This has resulted in my Facebook page being populated with an overwhelming number of mistaken Filipinos.

Over the next year, I’ll be converting to my original idea to fix this issue: ARJRA.

My full name is Jayson Robert Abalos.
Though I’m atheist, I studied biblical exegesis and textual anthropology for quite a while and fell in love with the ancient art of chiastic literature. A form of allegorical narrative where the story mirrors itself between front and back correlated parts of the story.
For example, if our hero was born in obscurity, in filth, and nearly alone, but foretold to be great, then they would die widly known in a humiliatingly unflattering manner out in the open for all to see, yet none willing to look.
Or if in an early part our hero is trapped hanging upside down in a cave and saves himself by reaching out to get his weapon and cutting the arm off his captor, then later we can find him trapped high in the sky hanging upside down from a structure, missing his own hand and having to reach out emotionally to call his friends to save him.
Or, if a friend of our hero early on saves our hero from freezing to death by putting him inside of a dead beast, we might see that friend later frozen into captivity while all around him are powerless to save him.

As such, because I like the art method (I even wrote a song using the method), JRA are my initials, and flip it to the front and ARJ.
Therefore, ARJRA.



I’ve changed my artist handle so many times, so I’m just going to mention the most significant ones:

2005-2007ish: Langzaam - because I’m half Dutch and it contained letters from my name, and was a funny looking word with an interesting roll on the tongue. Later on, had mixed feelings about it because it means “slow” and I started making pretty hyperactive music.

2008ish-2009ish: A deeply confused time where I kept changing my artist name.

2009ish-2011: Indigo - Cause it’s a cool looking word and I love that color.

2011-2013: Zil - My name backwards. Loved the idea of the name, but have reasons why it was abandoned as my handle.

2013-2015ish: Music hiatus (related to above but don’t care to elaborate)

2015ish-Present: Endless Plane - two words from one of my lyrics (the particular phrase was “fall across a line to an endless plane”). Besides being two words that illicit different meanings depending on how I feel like interpreting “Plane” on a particular day, I liked that it has the same initials as my real name, so the emblem is kind of like a signature in a way.


Not sure, but I think I smoke too much weed


A reference to J.G. Ballard’s Crash, there it was called autogeddon, butI wanted it to refer more to something automatic, inevitable than to something car-related, so I changed it to Automageddon as a mix between automatic and Armageddon. Armageddon used in its’ pop culture meaning.


Both artist names. Sounded cool. The End.


cool story bro


In 1997 I joined a 4 man experimental electronica band called the Digital Headz and created a indie electronic label called Lloopkill Records. I used create most of the lead synths and play them live. I had driven band pass saw I used to play a lot with LFO on the cut-off. That patch would cut through a mix and dominate what ever frequency spectrum the filter sat in. My partners used to say you cant get through that shit, this fool is an “Electric Fence”. Not only did it stick but I used to introduce my self with a chopped up sample of Ren and Stimpy’s “Dont wiz on the Electric Fence!”


Multicellular was a name we came up with for an album I did with my little sister who is a geneticist. That’s like my more solo name.

My electro-rock band is Foglings. Which was from some B grade sci-fi/fantasy book I’d read and I thought the creatures were called that. But, I just remembered it completely wrong. So it is just a made up word I liked.

My prior band has more of a real name story. American Sinner…was an accordion horror rock band. I started actually using that as a solo name and had demos under that when I formed the band around it and they liked that so kinda stole it from my solo name. But that was from when I was living in the U.S. south and people would always ask me what church I went to, I’d tell them I was Hindu and they’d pray for me or say some disrespectful thing. Usually then they’d tell me days later about something they learned about Muslims. (again…Hindu lol). Anyway, it was kinda a funny name to me because in so many ways I have long lived what would be a very Joshua-Ben-Joseph approved life, worked in foster care, volunteered with homeless, inner city schools, have a religion degree from a Christian school, etc. etc. etc.


“Suicide Animals”

Mostly from getting sick of the world. Sad and angry at people. You know, really hippie shit. Wishing we could just get along and not fuck up the world but we are doomed to kill ourselves in one way or another.


Making music is therapeutic for me


DIGiTAL AUTiSM - Because I sit at my PC for hours while I´m making music, like in a bubble, no talking, just music and I can get really pissed when someone distracts me. Kinda autistic behaviour.



I used to upload music on “Acid planet” many years ago back when we only had dial-up and you’d stream at 32-64 kbs, it used to take about 30 minutes to upload a 4 minute 64 kbs track, so whilst it was uploading i’d go on a bike ride to kill time. On one particular day whilst uploading and peddling i wasn’t happy with my artist name at the time when i looked down at my stem i seen “cane creek”, and I’ve been that ever since.