What's behind your artist name?


My artist’s name is self-explanatory.
It reflects all the twists and turns my life has gone through so far.
If you are an artist or do some art for a living or just for a serious habit, you will go through lots of twists and turns in your road to somewhere in life.
Tha´s the beauty of a journey, to keep going until you get somewhere, no matter the twists and turns life presents you with.
These twists and turns make life worth living, in my opinion anyways…


Too many artist names to count throughout the years, I’m trying to stabilise and force myself to use one and just allow myself to be ecclectic for now. I’ve been using “the_reunion_of_broken_parts”, which is a literal translation of the arabic word that “algebra” comes from. I like maths! That’s all there really is to it. Adding the underscores and using a monospaced font means I can wrap it into a few different rectangular shapes nice and regular for some visual idents


I chose “Vaelency” because I was homesick over my hometown Valencia, and it seemed even more suitable because the word valence is a measure of the strength of chemical bonds (as alcohol is likely consumed at shows), the “AE” seemed suitable for being from Los Angeles, and it’s a good explanation for the kind of trance I hope to put listeners in when they hear it and get Vaelency themselves. Clever, ain’t it??


From a 90’s American TV series. But instead of just telling you, I thought I capture some samples of one of the main characters, stick them to a beat, and let you work it out.


I’m taking a shot in the dark because I only know a handful of 90s tv shows… Highlander?


Phoof! I haven’t thought of Babylon 5 in years.



Which Character is in the track though?


Oh gods man…too many decades ago! No clue. lol



I was the first Somnio on SoundCloud when it was still in its nascent stage. But after years have gone on, I’m surrounded by other artists going by the same name and considering alternatives. I think they see something else in it, but it’s cool and fun to say, so it’s no shock that my short URL is now somnio-telephone-number-URL because of another artist who liked the name too, but was producing music whereas my account was pretty much dead for 10 years. I’m not mad, I was dormant and it’s not fair to squat on cool usernames and then be afk forever.

What’s behind it? At the time (2007 or so) I was fascinated by sleep and dreams, and my favorite artists are the Surrealists and Dadaists. Magritte is my favorite, perhaps I’ll find a fun-to-say reference to his work. I decided to keep it.


That’s funny; I got mine from a fever dream :smiley: