What made you laugh today?



Some dude: hey girl

The girl: is this a pyramid scheme.




I’m pretty sure I’ve come across Youtube videos like this. Sometimes they suspiciously never show the audience and I get the feeling it’s just a guy in his bedroom with a laptop and a cool projector in the dark


You mean basment.



Whoever wrote that article was seriously dumb… Just looking at humanity’s progress between 1700 and 1903 (keeping in mind that the Industrial Revolution started around 1750) should have made it clear it would happen within 100 to 200 years at the max…


Similar to this, one of my favorite stories is how my math teacher’s mom was taught the math behind why man would never walk on the moon and we were walking on the moon 20 years later. Frankly, it makes the idea that faster than light travel, teleportation, etc seem a lot less impossible and more like we’re just not there yet.


Right. I would guess the main problem with something like faster-than-light travel is how to prepare the body to take the brutality of the endeavor. When you see what Astronauts have to go through to be ready for a launch, and then during the launch, it may take some time to adjust/make it a reality for the general populace. Prob why, in a lot of sci-fi flicks, people have to be sleeping/resting under the care of machinery to be able to sustain the force of the speed.


Floridaman problems:

I realized, after duct taping all of my MIDI controllers, mousepad and keyboard to the weird flea-market table that I use for all of my computer jazz that something about my studio was ‘off’ and I couldn’t figure out what.


South park randy marsh


Shameless frank gallagher.




Seinfeld snippets


Youtube spamming me with Apple Vision promo. I can’t stop laughing about how that thing looks. I know, I’m old but… lol


It’s so not ready for prime time. I haven’t seen the videos of it yet, but it’s $3500 and gets two hours of battery life from a phanny pack on your waist. I think I’d actually laugh if I saw anyone wearing it in person.

To be clear, this could be a big deal, but in the same way the first cell phone came along in the 80s and I didn’t have my first cellphone until 2010. This has a ways to go.


Thanks for trying @relic :v:


Snoop dogg post some funny stuff on ig.


The rhetoric of Barbie being about toxic feminism…

People are toxic…yes
Feminism is not toxic…
People that come up with their own version of it and interpret it differently…make it toxic…because they are toxic…

Then there are types that would say eating avocados are a symbol of systemic toxic oligarchal priviledge…and make a big stink about bs because they have nothing better to do and are butthurt because they had a bad experience with avocados once.

Plus an existential political expose on a movie about a toy or a movie about a toy being some sort of political statement in regards to a nonsense culture war…seriously ridiculous.