What made you laugh today?


post something that made you laugh today


True, true.




I always wonder if people have to practice something like that from the beginning or if they were so good at the game with their fingers that they decided to up it a notch. Either way, I lol’d

I hate to say it but I hate replying to posts on here


imagine all the shit he is licking, the dirty cunt


hater, he’s got a talent…





Im on a casual contract at my primary job and i just cancelled some shifts i was booked for (with plenty of notice) and my boss tried to tell me it was my responsibility to get cover for my shifts :laughing:
im not sure if he is clueless or trying to take advantage of me.
i politely told him no :slight_smile:



This headline:
“Cannabis use by children has hit a new high”



this made me lol so hard


Finish making sweet sweet love to the wife and she gets out of bed and throws some money at me and tells me to get myself a taxi :laughing:


So I was working on a rough little track getting to know some of my new setup (circuit, mQ, E2s)…Circuits synth voices were supposed to be muted as it was just controlling parameters on the mQ…but it was late and I was tired and I hate making youtube videos…so I hit export audio, used a program to make an automatic video out of photos, and published it…only to realize I forgot to mute the Circuit track and so there’s this random, totally unmelodic plinkplonk running through the whole thing. Embarrassing, but I thought id share it before fixing it and replacing with another try.




LPF a sine based sub. Talking kick vs BassLine without ever once mentioning compression.