What made you laugh today?


that assumes I am trying to hit any note on purpose ;p


Idmf is not a political blog.


Instead of come being pronounced kom…it should be pronounced ko mei…or something otherwise dirty word confusion makes for awkward context.


Kanye is a real life celebrity troll…or just a moron failing at doing meta commentary.

Yet people support and have defended him politically.

This the dude that made graduation.

Also jake paul or logan paul whomever it is i get confused… should get a real job…but they cant get a real job because of the crap they did on the internet…

Not defending paul whomever but also who hasnt done some shit on the internet.

For I can literally find a bunch of shitposts from anybody.



The 2020s are looking like to be the decade of clowns.

According to the new internet zodiac.

Which is:

  1. So-crates
  2. Troll
  3. Forever alone
  4. Selective outrage
  5. Clown
  6. Flying fucks
  7. Silence
  8. Flame war
  9. Memes
  10. Loaded diapers
  11. Wtf…shock stuff
  12. Cringe and Feels
  13. And boring lameness.

Internet zodiac…meh.

: v


You made the right decision… been dealing with some unsettling life issues myself lately. Down time helps to process and heal.

Hang in there my good man!:v::sparkles:


Hey… is it just me? Or is this thread not so funny lately? And… didn’t this happen once before?

And… most importantly…. What does it mean?

I’m asking mostly because I’m here in the middle of it.


Post humor…

Humor that is so existential its not even supposed to be funny…

Besides are memes and shitposts really funny anymore?..

I doubt it.

Also im not made of lolz


I am definitely feeling a little more regular funny since that last post : ) no jokes at the moment though.



So your djing death metal…the crowd is going wild…

But then you play i believe in life after love by cher…

In front of the same crowd.


There is this DJ duo on YouTube that was Rick Rolling crowds…in the middle of the set there would be an “epic build” up then they would drop “Never Gonna Give You Up” lol


Not exactly it, but still funny…


My favorite is when their PC crashes right before the breakdown


The onion news network.

The only fake news you can trust.



The fact they are still able to make fun of the world amazes me, reality is like a parody of a parody of itself (or something).

Also, you should sell them that tag line/motto. Bingo.



“It was a very successful rapid unscheduled disassembly.”

Love it.



True road warriors