What made you laugh today?





This but when I’m EQing the wrong channel and I’m like “OK HPF at 20K and I still don’t hear this something is wrong…”.

The sad part is I mostly do mastering, so for me to get something inserted on the wrong track is pretty hard.


When you hear your music getting reappropriated nearly 15 years later.



Ron swanson from parks and rec.

Nick offerman plays that role beautifully.


Monty python philosophy football…


South park the new season.


What is a cows favorite party game?

Moosical chairs!



A day I did not imagine having: appointment with a psychiatrist for evaluation about anxiety meds; post-vasectomy fertility test; 3 hours of addiction group therapy. I am taking a fucking nap when I get home :laughing:


Make sure your counselor isnt an irresponsible freudian coke head that routinely fucks off with chardinee parties and indulges in their poop fetish.


Someone that gets kickbacks from pharmaceutical sales reps…

Ive literally had a psychologist suggest to me once that i indulge in porn…as an outlet.

Im like dude wtf…and lastly do you think im an idiot…because porn is a lie, it encourages human trafficking, and it destroys so many peoples lives…

Id prefer to have a real relationship over a virtual one…virtual stuff is for losers.

But anyways, yeah make sure your counselor psychologist is decent person with good character…

Because some psychologists are quacks and dont believe nor follow the doctors oath. Some of them play favorites.


Yea. For sure! I have an old friend who is a binge drinking psychologist who mostly works with addicts. This isn’t at an independent practice, it is through the hospital system I am already involved so I feel like there is at least a small amount of additional oversight.



She seemed pretty normal. Didnt suggest anything outrageous. This person is a psych nurse practitioner and I am only seeing her for meds but she is directing me to talk therapy.


The way society is going…

Its giving South park new material.


Kung pow enter the fist…



tbh 50/50 this is how I write my songs.


I do like happy accidents.


Reminds me of the random MIDI controller I made out of a Pi Pico; it makes better music than I do