What made you laugh today?


I was reading a manual for some software the other day (I forgot which unfortunately, probably a limiter of some kind but I have a few of those…). They had a breakdown of average loudness/loudness targets for various genres as of 2023. Scarily, country was by far the loudest at an average of -5 LUFS. For context, dancefloor style EDM aims for around -8 LUFS. What that tells me is country only works because it’s being screamed at you so loud that you cannot choose to not hear it, which is apparently still a VERY valid method for commercial success despite all the loudness normalization out there.


I’m pretty sure country masters are just upward multiband compressors. I haven’t heard any in a long time, but that lifeless-radio-sound definitely applied then and probably still does today.

I’d seriously love to see a thread here where we do some loudness war track comparisons because I could see that being kind of hilarious and informative. Even just finding out which ‘loud’ mixes actually hold up would be a fun experiment, and possibly even a little educational in the process.


That would be very interesting to me, too! I could contribute some tracks from Hospital Records that I tested a few years ago that go up until -4 LUFS or even -3.5 iirc…






They’s only 2 kindsa music… Country…. And Western

And if’n you cain’t play it good… play it LOUD! :cowboy_hat_face:


Check this . you won’t regret https://www.youtube.com/shorts/kHuTeKONYO0?feature=share